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It Wasn’t Half Hot Mum..!

Posted by Exile on June 26, 2007

Just back from Greece. We experienced the heat wave that is tormenting southern Europe at the moment. 43°C in the shade was the highest we were exposed to and the humidity was unbearable. Thank heavens for air conditioning. The pool or the sea was the only rescue and even that was warm. Coming home to slightly lower than average temperatures in Denmark was a shock to the system. But having said that, the week was great and went by too quickly. Good food, nice people and a good deal of laughter. The Ionian sea is friendly and clear and there is always the chance of seeing a green sea turtle. We didn’t see one, but there are others that did. Mosquitoes and a suicidal Greek bee that stung my wife were the only detractions.
If anyone out there is going to Zakynthos and especially the little resort of Argassi, the place to eat is the Granada Restaurant. Momma makes great food and Peri, her son, is the most welcoming of hosts. The local wine is terrific. Try it, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Ah well. Back to everyday life….


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