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Burnt Offerings

Posted by Exile on June 29, 2007

If you haven’t heard yet, or seen the video, the burning of a charicature Mohammed was carried out in three different locations in Denmark on Saint Hans evening, the traditional midsummer festival. The video of one of these events was posted on Youtube, censored out and subsequently resurfaced on Google Video some time later.
The midsummer festival in Denmark usually includes the lighting of bonfires and the burning of an effigy of a witch. This is to send all the evil back to hell and to ensure the coming of a good and plentiful harvest. Add a good deal of beer and a few hotdogs and you have the makings of a fine old paegan evening. Some people appear to have connected Mohammed with evil influences and therefore they believe he deserves the same treatment. Or maybe it was a sort of justifiable retaliation for the burning of Danish flags following the great Motoon affair.
Who knows?

What does surprise me is the total and utter lack of muslim rage about this event. Drawing the prophet is apparently not kosher, (sorry, I meant halal) but burning an effigy of the same person has gone by without comment, loss of life, the burning of embassies or flags, or demonstrations demanding the beheading of the perpetrators.

Uh? Wha’ssup mussies? Where’s the good old jihad spirit? Where’s the raging in the streets? Why isn’t Copenhagen burning?

Perhaps the islamists are all raged out after the outrage last year? Perhaps they used all their rhetoric in one fell swoop and meant that surely they would never need to go nuts again having now shown that they can dominate the news, at least for a couple of weeks. Maybe they have nothing left to offer? Or maybe they just haven’t seen the video yet?

If that is the case, then I can’t resist giving them the opportunity. See it here.

Or was the motoon affair so desensitizing to the muslims that they have come to accept a little provocation and a little laughing at their expense?
If so, then it was all worthwhile.

Sweden, take note.

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