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Who Dunnit?

Posted by Exile on July 1, 2007

I have read all the reports I can find. The BBC, CNN, The Times, Denmarks Radio and Lord knows what else, concerning the bombing of Glasgow airport and the connection to two car bombs that didn’t go off in London. Maybe there is one more somewhere, I don’t remember where I read that.
I have followed this one for a day or so and have learned that five people have been arrested. These five persons are nameless, faceless, have apparently no nationality nor religion. In fact, nobody in the media knows anything about these five people. They simply don’t exist on the normal plan of things. They must have just suddenly materialised and, for no reason at all, have decided to carry out terrorist-like actions against British society. Fantastic.

The only one to have made any attempt at putting some flesh on the bones is the guy in Glasgow who had the presence of mind to punch one of the perpetrators in the face, knocking him to the ground, which allowed the police to capture him. They were trying to spray him with pepper spray at the time but, as the perp was burning, this was having little or no effect.
The brave man that dropped the bad guy explained on TV that the human torch was shouting “Allah” repeatedly before he got punched. That report was only seen once. I haven’t seen it on the BBC World Service since.

The official line?
Gordon Brown says it’s “probably Al-queda”. “The British won’t submit”. “Be vigilant but carry on as normal”.
No mention of who these people are. Or what they are. Or where they come from. Of course, absolutely no mention of the “I” word.

The human torch is in hospital now. I hope he is comfortable in agony.
4 others are under arrest, all of them completely anonymous, with no identity or distinguishing features.

I’m prepared to make a big fat wager here. The truth will out at some point.
I’ll bet they are muslims. At least one of them is called Muhammed and another is called Ali something. They are all British citizens.
This will not be called “islamic terrorism” in the British press.

Any takers?

One Response to “Who Dunnit?”

  1. spree said

    Since a witness said one of the suspets yelled out “ALLAH ALLAH”, That wouldn’t be smart to bet against your conclusion.

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