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Posted by Exile on July 3, 2007

I find it a little surprising that the investigations in the UK into the failed, or at least mostly failed, attempt at mass murder has resulted in the arrest of three doctors. I am not surprised at the fact that these are educated people, but simply that they are medical practitioners who have sworn at some point, by some oath or another, that they will not harm anyone or engage in mischief. All the oaths I have found are based on Hippocrates’ oath (or Hypocrates, if you prefer that spelling of the name) state this and are as numerous as the fingers on my hands. I should mention that I didn´t find one particular oath pertaining to Islam, despite extensive searching on the internet.

I can only assume that as Hippocrates was a Greek, a follower of Apollo and wrote the oath long before Mohammed was even born, that his teachings have no bearing on Islamic medicine or Islamic doctors as, for them, Islam supercedes all other beliefs. Perhaps they swear an oath under Taqqiya rules or insert a whispered “Infidels not included” at the end.

Another thing I find surprising is that the UK government is making a big show of telling the press and everyone else that these murderous doctors are of foreign origin. Not home-grown would-be murderers, but from fields afar. Heaven forbid that the muslim community in the UK may be involved in any way with this outrage. No. These people were foreigners! Outsiders. Not good British muslims.
That may be, but muslims they are, and they went specifically to the UK and decided to mount a terrorist attack on the general public. One wonders then, why?

What induced these educated practising men of medicine to plan the deaths of hundreds of people by fire and explosion in Great Britain?

I am inclined to think, as they come respectively from India, the Middle East and Iraq, that this may just be part of a global conspiracy, while the UK government would apparently like to treat this as an isolated event.

But there again, I am a reknowned racist and xenophobe. A neocon, right wing fanatic extremist. (Or so I’ve been told.) So my theory probably isn’t correct or likely. I mean, we all know deep down in our hearts, that there really is no such thing as a global jihad or islamic terrorism. We merely imagine it to be so. The World Trade Center, London bombings, Madrid bombings, Theo van Gogh, et al, are merely isolated and unrelated incidents. Al Queda, the Islamic Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah, the PLO, Al-aqsa, Hitzb-ut Tahrir, Abou Sayyef and all the other good folks from the ummah are all acting individually and without one accord. Suicide bombings are merely an expression of individual frustration, not to be taken seriously. Temper tantrums.
Nothing more. Random acts of michievous individuals. No religious intent. No offense intended. It is all merely a reaction to our failed foreign policies and our misunderstanding of the poor oppressed muslims whom we should be clasping to our bosoms and welcoming amongst us as an enrichment of our deeply degraded monocultural and over-decadent western society.

So we really have no reason to worry then. There is no reason to believe that Islam has declared war on the west and that we are all at risk. There is no threat to our society as a whole.

If you believe that, I have an Eiffel tower going cheap.

But you wouldn’t be advised to buy that either.


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