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No. You are a Muslim! Like it or not.

Posted by Exile on July 7, 2007

Here’s a little eye opener that I found on the BBC website. Another indication of the all embracing tolerance of the religion of peace.

A Malaysian woman held for months in an Islamic rehabilitation centre says she was subjected to mental torture for insisting her religion is Hinduism. Miss Massosai was seized by the Islamic authorities in January when she went to court to ask that she be registered as a Hindu rather than a Muslim.

Miss Massosai was born to Muslim converts and given a Muslim name, but she was raised as a Hindu by her grandmother and has always practised that faith. However, under Malaysia’s Islamic law, having Muslim parents makes one a Muslim and, as such, one is not allowed to change one’s faith or marry a non-Muslim.
But Miss Massosai married a Hindu man in 2004 and the couple have a young daughter.

When in January she asked a court to officially designate her a Hindu she was detained and taken to an Islamic rehabilitation centre. Only the Islamic courts can allow a Muslim legally to change faith.

Her detention was twice extended to six months, during which time she says religious officials tried to make her pray as a Muslim and wear a headscarf.

A lawyer representing the Malacca state Islamic department responsible for Miss Revathi’s arrest, rejected her allegations and said officials believe that she can still be persuaded to embrace Islam. She is adamant that she will remain a Hindu. In the meantime, Miss Revathi and her daughter have been placed in the custody of her Muslim parents.

Which is a bit reminiscent of Russian gulags and political rehabilitation in China.
However, the detention centre didn’t get her to “get her mind right”, so now we have to use other means of coercion, or force, to correct her beliefs, or send her to the underworld.

Why should she be placed in the custody of her parents? Why not simply be allowed to go home to her husband? In fact, why was she ever removed from him?

So, how many bets are on, that within a few months she is either burned to death in a mysterious kitchen accident at her parents home or, somehow, simply disappears, leaving her child with its grandparents? No-one will know where she is. She will simply have “left”.

I get the feeling, that we have heard the last of this woman.

Link: BBC Article.


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