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Be All That You Can Be.

Posted by Exile on July 8, 2007

The Times gives me food for thought again today. Two articles, both concerning themselves with islam and the problems that follow in its awful wake. However, these two articles are about as alike as chalk and cheese. Both of them address the problem with the madrasahs and mosques and the “education” that takes place in them, but from two totally different places. A common problem, but with a vast distance between the venues.
The first, an article from Dean Nelson, is written in Islamabad, Pakistan. It describes the atmosphere of death and martyrdom around the red mosque and the plight of a father trying to rescue his two daughters. The youngest is merely ten years old. Both children declare they want martyrdom and not freedom.

At the barricades, her father, Luftullah Khan, a shopkeeper, frantically pestered soldiers to let him rescue both his daughters. But when he got through to them on their mobile telephone, they said they preferred martyrdom to freedom.
“I spoke to my daughter. She said there was no food or water left. I tried to arrange a meeting, but she said, ‘We’re here; my dead body will be here. I will not leave my teachers’,” Khan said.
His bewilderment at her sudden transformation reflects that of a nation that can barely believe the events unfolding in the shadow of General Pervez Musharraf’s presidential palace.

Bewildered? How can he be bewildered? He sent his daughters to the mosque. He knew exactly what he wanted for them. An islamic “education”. The frightening thing is, they have only been at this “school” for a matter of weeks.

Holed up inside the complex behind the lines of troops and razor wire, the children – many of them girls whose families had sent them to the mosque to receive a strict Islamic education – repeatedly rejected relatives’ entreaties to leave before a threatened army onslaught. There was evidence that many had been brainwashed into a cult of martyrdom, and the authorities feared last night that some were being prepared to be suicide bombers. In barely eight weeks, Saima had been transformed from a religious but fun-loving girl to a jihadi, grimly craving martyrdom.

Who said, “Death Cult”? This makes Waco look like a garden party. A weekend picnic. The events around the red mosque will end in more violence and maybe many more dead. I can’t help feeling some ambivolence. If these children have been brainwashed to the extent that they want martyrdom, then let’s be rid of them now, before they grow up and come here. At the same time, I feel outraged at the people responsible for the destruction of these children and I pity them their lost childhood. And make no mistake, these children are already destroyed. By the imams or mullahs or whatever the islamic teacher is called in Islamabad. If this is the height of achievement for islamic education, the production of child kamikaze warriors, then I can see no reason to allow it anywhere on this planet.

Which brings me to article two. Written by Minnette Marrin, it describes the atmosphere in the UK. It deals with the broken trust generated by the lastest islamic terrorist act against the citizens of the UK and the roots of this idiocy. She writes the following concerning islamic centres of teaching and enlightenment:

As for the usual comment that most Muslims are not terrorists, that is true. But the fact is that most terrorists are Muslims. They come from Muslim environments, they attend madrasahs, mosques and Muslim clubs and societies and spend long periods in Muslim countries. And nonMuslims have been waking up to the thought that these Muslim groups could and should do more about the terrorists in their midst.
Take mosques for example. A couple of British mosques have been notorious for years as breeders of terrorism. So for years anyone interested in this question has expressed concerns about imams – who they are and what they teach. There was a move to limit the immigration of foreign imams, which the Blair government bottled out of. And now it emerges, from a BBC report last week, that only 8% of the imams preaching in British mosques were born in the UK and only 6% of them speak English as a first language – fewer, tellingly, than the percentage born here. According to the author of the study, these individuals are deeply conservative and are overwhelmingly qualified in the traditional Islamic curriculum, which he said had changed little since medieval times.
It would be hard to imagine a better way of preventing British Muslims integrating into the wider, modern society or of driving them into the embrace of more worldlywise extremists.

In effect, the same islamic teachers that are poisoning the minds of children in Pakistan are doing the same in the UK. They are doing it with the knowledge, if not the consent, of the British authorities who know where the trouble spots are and who is preaching for martyrdom and the destruction of the decadent infidel west. The overwhelming number of foreign imams in the UK is alarming. I would ask MI5 to consider bugging the mosques and rounding a few of these people up. But that would probably not gain favour or result, given the appeasement that is afforded the muslim community in the UK.

We send our children to school and wish for them to be all that they can be. Imagine how you would feel, if your 10 year old child came home from school and said “When I grow up, I want to be a martyr. My teacher says it is the highest that anyone can achieve”.
For some, that is truly applaudable and approved of. I would find it disgusting. Indeed, I do find it disgusting. And deplorable. Indefensible.
Is it not time, that we looked very hard at these islamic schools and mosques that we harbour in our midst? Is it not time for us to seriously question the motives of these places of learning? I have no problem with people wishing to follow a certain direction of faith. I do have a problem with islamic community leaders preaching death to everyone that is not in the club to which they belong and an even bigger problem with the students who go gladly to carry out the word.
A religion such as this is not merely opium for the people. It is poison for the whole of our society. I believe we should place the addicts under strict supervision and begin a detoxification of the west as a whole.

The addict will still be an addict, but we could cut off his supply.

Links: Dean Nelson. Minnette Marrin.


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