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It Ain’t Over Yet.

Posted by Exile on July 13, 2007

There are two noteworthy things in the news in Denmark today, both related to the famous Motoons, the longest running comedy farce in Denmark!

Pia Kjærsgåård, leader of the Danish Peoples Party has ben cleared in a libel suit brought by the Islamiske Trossamfund against her, for calling the imams and their associates traitors after their visit to the middle east last year. Their actions against the Danish newspaper and indeed, the Danish government filled the press for weeks here.
Islamiske Trossamfund was claiming DKK 30, 000 in compensation.
The court in Lyngby, under the auspices of Judge Karen Greve, found that Pia K. was not guilty of any injury and has ordered the Islamiske Trossamfund to pay the costs of the action, which will be DKK 40.000.
According to the judge the word “traitor” is used frequently in the public debate and, therefore, no harm done.

Strike one for sanity.
I wonder. If the court says that calling them traitors is not punishable, does that mean that the court accepts that they are traitors? If so, why not charge these imams for treason?
Just a thought.

One might think that would be the final word in the Motoons affair, but no.

The press spokesman for the Islamiske Trossamfund, Kasem Ahmad, says IT is demanding, yet again, an apology from the newspaper Jyllands Posten. He feels the Motoon caper is a story without end and is not going to leave it so. In fact, he is threatening Jyllands Posten med a Fatwa.

I’ll bet thats got ’em worried over at JP central!

Kasem Ahmad says that until now noone has been deemed responsible for insulting the prophet Muhammed and therefore the Islamiske Trossamfund has no alternative other than to issue a fatwa against the paper unless they get either an apology form JP or the court’s ruling that the paper insulted islam.
The IT is preparing a civil suit against the newspaper challenging the findings of the town courts that absolved the paper last year. Failing a conviction here, they will seek a fatwa against the paper.
So, back to the middle east again, and consult the learned muftis. If they are to have a fatwa, it must come from outside the land. Which is simple proof that the islamic cause in europe is being run by factions in foreign lands. How treasonous is that?
There is also the veiled threat of more spontaneous islamic rage brought about and doubtlessly arranged by the necessity of a visit to the greater ummah. “No muslim has forgotten that our prophet was insulted”, he says, and threatens to mobilise the middle eastern press to remind them.

Carsten Juste, cheif editor of JP is being pragmatic about the whole thing. “It doesn’t come as any surprise to me that Kasem Ahmad is adopting this aggressive tone again seeing that he has insisted that this affair must be ‘judged in the light of eternity’.”

Traitors will always be traitors. This ain’t over yet folks.

In the words of the grand old muslim opry, “It ain’t over ’til the fatwa lady sings!”


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