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OECD at it Again.

Posted by Exile on July 13, 2007

The OECD (Organisation for the Economic Collapse of Denmark) has fired a new broadside at Denmark, complaining that we aren’t doing enough to integrate our cherished immigrant population. The european immigrants seem to be doing OK, but that is by the by for the OECD. This from the Copenhagen Post:

Denmark fourth worst at integration

The OECD has rated Denmark as one of the least successful Western countries at integrating its immigrants into the job market.

Denmark is lagging far behind other Western countries when it comes to integrating its immigrant population into the job market, according to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development released late last month. The OECD’s annual report, International Migration Outlook 2007, compared the unemployment rates of countries’ immigrants with that of their native citizens. Immigrant representation in the Danish job market was found to be far under that of native Danes, and the country’s immigrant women are the worst integrated in the Western world.
The employment rate for immigrant women was 20 percent lower than that of Danish-born women. Non-native men were 11.4 percent underrepresented.

Oh dear. How sad. Never mind. Tina Honoré Kongsø of the Confederation of Danish Industries had this to say about the situation:

‘Employment levels for immigrants has actually risen over the past 10 years. But those that have come recently – especially those from eastern Europe – have come for jobs, so they have no integration problems whatsoever.’

She added that the problem existed amongst the large number of immigrants that have come to Denmark for humanitarian reasons or through family reunification.

And just who, I wonder, might that be?
Unfortunately, it is too easy to be unemployed here. And far too easy to import an extended family and than claim untold amounts of money to support them. Failing that, a good brood of children will guarantee a healthy state-sponsored income. Why work when the world owes you a living?

But Torben Tranæs, head of research for the Rockwool Foundation, has another good reason for this disparity in numbers:

‘We did a similar study comparing the same five immigrant groups in Germany and Denmark -Turks, Lebanese, Iranians, Poles and those from the former Yugoslavia,’ he told Berlingske Tidende newspaper. ‘Those that came to Denmark had less education and had less work experience.’

Denmark is attempting to limit the amount of immigration it has been subjected to. I believe the way forward is to stop giving out citizenship and start giving work permits instead. No job, go back. Allow three months temporary residence to find a job with no social benefits during that period.
Hey, that’s what I had to do when I moved here. And if I can do it, so can everyone else who really wishes to.

Sweden and Norway actually does a worse job of integration. The Netherlands is a clear winner. But their social handouts are better than ours, so no suprises there.

Luxembourg and Spain were the most successful when it came to immigrant employment, according to the report, The two countries have a near equal employment rates for native and immigrant men. The rate for immigrant women was higher than that for native women.

Five other Western countries had a higher employment rate for their immigrants than their native population. Italy scored the highest overall, but also – along with Ireland and Slovakia – had the greatest employment disparity among its immigrant men and women.

Speaking from experience as an immigrant in Denmark, I think the OECD is talking through its armpit.


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