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Life without Bill Gates.

Posted by Exile on July 17, 2007

Tired of Microsoft? Fed up with Windows?
I’ve found a great alternative.

I have just reprogrammed my back-up computer with this total system from Ubuntu. For absolutely free. Even the CD came in the post free of charge.
No licensing, no bother, no fuss. No cost.
This has everything you need. A complete office pack, web browsers, e-mail programme, in fact everything you need and more, all on a linux based operating system.

I hate to sound like an advert, but this really works! Once I get used to using it, I think I’ll probably reprogramme this baby too.

I just had to share this. And no, noone is paying me to do so!

Go here to read all about it.


4 Responses to “Life without Bill Gates.”

  1. kepiblanc said

    I have happily used Linux since 1997. Recently yet another advantage of doing so – besides the freedom of crashes, viruses, trojans, spyware, keyloggers and other malware – was reveiled to me by a geek friend: my system is completely immune to attacks from Muslim ‘hackers’. All Muslims use Windows because they don’t have the faintest ideas of the inner workings of computers, so they are virtually walking around on the internet naked. Let’s use Linux against them.

  2. Exile said

    Hi Kepi..
    nice to see you here again!

    You’re absolutely right. Linux may yet be our redemption!

  3. Zonka said

    Glad to see another blogger shifting to Linux, which gives you more of just about everything for free, except vira, worms and other creepy crawlies 🙂

    Hope you’ll enjoy the stuff, and don’t forget to do an: apt-get install wordpress and escape the yoke of Google for your blog… assuming that you have a decent Internet connection at home 🙂

  4. Sakthi said

    I’ve been planning for a while to switch from Windows to Linux, I think lots of guys turning to Linux nowadays.Hopefully I too join your list soon…
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