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To Whom am I Speaking?

Posted by Exile on July 19, 2007

It doesn’t come as a surprise to read today, that the police intelligence agency in Denmark (PET, Politiets Efterretningstjeneste) is in contact with the Imams in this country. This contact is indeed to be expanded according to the newspaper, Jyllands Posten. The idea is, that contact with these people is an attempt by PET to prevent, or reduce, the threat of islamic terrorism. According to the article, PET thinks it is important to have contact and dialogue with groups that have “controversial views”.


I wonder. Wouldn’t it be better to simply round them up and tell them point blank that we won’t stand for any terrorist activity coming from their organisations, faith or countrymen. In fact, why shouldn’t we simply disband these islamic “front” organisations, by law, and make them illegal? The trail of evidence leading back to many terrorist organisations is there. The trail of money that gets sent to various terrorist organisations is there. How much does it take?

How long must we accept that these organisations survive as they do, with their imams calling themselves community leaders? Why do people living in this country have to have seperate communities? Surely, if one is a citizen in this country, one does not need to have a “community” of one’s own?

Well, we westerners do have communities. We have organised ourselves after our political ideals and have political parties. Our communities are based on politics. We have political fanatics too. Even political extremists. In the name of democracy, we tolerate these political differences.
The muslims however, are organised by their religion. Therefore they have no need of political parties. There is only Islam. One total system. Hardly tolerant.

But that is perhaps the difference between us and the muslims. PET doesn’t need to have dialogue with political parties. Why? Because even the most radical politician in this land doesn’t have a bunch of murdering thugs at their disposal, ready to bomb airports or train stations, or blow themselves up in markets and streets.

So it does come as a bit of a surprise to realise, that the politicians that rule our country, give political creedence to these people by engaging in “dialogue” with them, albeit through the PET, whilst being fully aware of the fact that it is these very people that can “reduce or prevent terrorism”, or by the logic of reason, that they can also therefore, increase and carry out terrorist acts. After all, if one has influence in one direction, then surely one has influence in the other.

Think about that.


2 Responses to “To Whom am I Speaking?”

  1. KGS said

    Excellent analysis Exile. While our politicians claim that both Islam and the Muslim community are not to be blamed for the extremism happening today, nonetheless they feel the need to “engage” the Muslim leadership.

    What the heck for? It’s all the handiwork of the non-Buddhists.

  2. Baron Bodissey said

    At least they’re not as bad as the ones we have in the USA, many of whom have gone over to the enemy.

    I keep telling everyone that Denmark is ahead of the rest of us…

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