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Global Warming. A Swindle.

Posted by Exile on July 27, 2007

You Must See This.

I received an email today. A bit sceptical at first, because of some of the wording, I decided to follow the link given to me in the mail. What I experienced over the next hour blew me away.

You have to see this documentary before it gets banned and pulled off the internet. It explodes all the theories of man made global warming. I promise, you will not be disappointed. It also explains why the third world is being held back. This is outrageous. Invest an hour of your life in this.

It’s worth it.

First, the email:

Please, read the email I’m sending to every Conservative Radio Station I can think of, about a British Documentary titled, “The Great Global Warming Swindle,” that you can still see by clicking your mouse on the web link I have provided below, but as you can read from my copied letter below–I don’t know how much longer that web link will still be available, so please try to see the documentary now. Also, mention the documentary on your blog and also provide a permanent web link to the documentary on your blog so others can also view the documentary from your web page after your daily entry rolls of your blog entries, and contact every conservative radio station, organization, blog, newspaper, and politician you can think of, so this Global Warming Fear Mongering can be put to rest once and for all.

Well, I decided to follow his advice. Here is the link:

Global warming

The audio is in English, there are French subtitles. Spread the word people.

Big hat tip: Don Hagen, Huntington Beach, CA.


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