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Brussels or Bust

Posted by Exile on August 2, 2007

I don’t believe it has escaped anybody’s attention. I’m pretty sure that the most of Europe has heard of the coming demonstration in Brussels on the 11th of September.
Personally, I’m looking forward to it. I have booked my flight and hotel today. This is going to cost me money that I can ill afford and holiday time that I would perhaps have liked to spend with my family but I know deep down that I have to go.
I may even get up and speak at the demo. I’m still pondering that possibility. I realise that there are others who are better equipped and probably far more eloquent in whatever it is they will say, and I am sure that they will bring much the same message as I would. Maybe, a few words from the common man would be useful. What if we held a demo and nobody spoke because they were all afraid to do so?

The final rush is on. I know this because I am involved to a certain degree. I speak with one of the organisers regularly and keep an eye on developments. Many countries have pledged their support and I know a few individuals who are going to be there. There are others that I dearly want to meet, knowing them only through the electronic world of the internet and e-mail exchanges. Either way, we are all going to be there with one common purpose. To tell our EU politicians that we have had enough, and that it is now more than enough and we have taken far too many steps toward the islamisation of our homelands. We want it stopped. Now.

If anyone is thinking twice about being there, but can be there, then there really is only one course of action open. Make the sacrifice. Spend the money. Take the time.
At least then, you can honestly say that you were there, and that you tried to make your point and didn’t just stand idly by and see your homeland ruined by foreign forces who silently invaded while you did nothing.

This is the time for all good men, and women for that matter, to get up and do something. The more the better.

Let’s start to fight back.


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