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Intel. Short for, and on, Intelligence?

Posted by Exile on August 4, 2007

It isn’t every day that you see something this silly, so I couldn’t resist it! I spotted this one in “The Times”. Note the picure;

Intel, the computer chip maker, has been forced to apologise for an advertisement which has been widely criticised as racist.

The ad, which was for a new generation of micro-processors, showed six black sprinters crouched in the start position in front a white man wearing a shirt and chinos in an office.

Above the image was a slogan which read: “Multiply computer performance and maximise the power of your employees.”

And everyone that saw the ad went racist ballistic. Six black men bowing down before a white slave driver. What imaginative advertising. Intel have apologised profusely and say that they made a gross error, or words to that effect.

It offended me too. Not because the six guys were black, well not entirely because they were black, I mean, there must be a white sprinter somewhere in the world, but not one of them is wearing a skull cap, which makes it anti-semitic, there are no turbans, so it’s also anti asian, there isn’t one Irishman to be seen, unless it’s the white guy, no women are represented, none of them are “physically challenged”…

Get my point? I could go on pointing out the exclusions to the ad but I thought it would make a good competition for all my readers.

So feel free. Who else felt “insulted”?

This was close to a “Bullshit award”!


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