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Brussels Demo. The Fly in the Ointment.

Posted by Exile on August 9, 2007

Anyone keeping an eye on developments around the Brussels demo in September will be aware of the processes we have had to go through to get there. The advertising, the campaigning, the blogs, the endless e-mails and not least of all, the contact between the organsiers from SIOE and the Belgian Police. The latter have been very supportive and have given us all the help we could ask for.

freddy-thielemans.jpgThe demo organisers have recently been in Brussels to get the last details finalised and have met the final barrier. He is the Mayor of Brussels, Mr. Freddy Thielemans (pictured to the right). This man may yet prove to be the stumbling block. He is worried about crowd safety. He is worried about us. He may veto the demo.

Doing so would say more about him than all of us. If he vetoes it, he is showing a great lack of faith in his police. He is also defying the right, guaranteed in the EU, of free assembly and protest by european citizens. He is also risking that thousands of people turn up to an UNORGANISED demo, since many have bought plane tickets, rail tickets, organised busses and made reservations at many hotels in his town. I have, and I intend to be there on the 11th. With or without his permission.

Vetoing the demo would bring him other worries too. If there is any clearing up to do, he would have to pay the bill. If he says no to the organisers, then he has no one to hold responsible. People will come anyway. He will have no stewards to help control the affair. That will be the sole responsibility of the police. It may even affect his office, or the position he holds. By vetoing the demo, he is all but supporting what we are protesting against. I wonder how many Belgians support us in our cause? Belgian voters.

But we must give him time to think over this. He has promised an answer by Friday, August 10.

If he had any gumption at all, he would have said yes at the meeting held earlier this week.

I am fairly optimistic. The police are behind us, they are supportive. And I get the impression that the police chief will say OK for the demo and advise him so. We’ll see.

Anyhow.. I’m going to Brussels. So are others. Hopefully, so will you.

I will not be silenced.

Link: SIAD

Update: Freddy Thielemans has forbidden the demo. A press release in Brussels in announced that the mayor (a socialist, voted into office by the muslim population) has forbidden the demo on the grounds of public safety and the wish to not antagonize the muslim population of Brussels.It would appear that Brussels has fallen to the islamists and that our freedom of speech in the capital city of Europe is a thing of the past.
This will not end here. Legal action must follow.

Exile. 09-08-2007: 18:30


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