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What About MY Citizens Rights?

Posted by Exile on August 9, 2007

I live in Europe. That collection of countries to the right of the Atlantic ocean. Pity me. I am allowed no right of expression, no right to assembly and no freedom of speech. Especially in Brussels. The Mayor of Brussels, Mr. Freddy Thielemans, has decided that I may not go to the capital of Europe and demonstrate against the islamisation of europe that is being carried out by the very politicians that are supposed to represent me and my interests. It was to be a peaceful demo. It may not be so now. Because, like it or not, I am going to Brussels. And I am as mad as hell now. And I will stand up before whoever turns up and explain to them why we should dissolve the EU, why we aren’t allow to demonstrate peacefully and that our politicians are a pack of gutless swine who are giving our lands away to the sons of mohammed.

thielemans3.jpgMost of all, I am mad at this little king of Brussels for deciding, all by himself, that my opinions are worthless and do not require airing publicly. He is denying not just me, but thousands of others their right to peacefull demonstration. He is denying my right to freedom of speech. He is denying my existence as a citizen in the EU.

The Brussels mayor is a socialist. He was carried to power by the islamic population. No wonder then, that he is not allowing us to go there and demonstrate. Think, if his voting public realised that he had allowed us to go and demonstrate against their wishes. He is a dhimmi of the first degree. He has sold his position to the islamists. He is the very essence of the meaning of the demo that will not be allowed.

I have bad news for Thielemans. We will be there. Some of us at least. And we will have our say. We will not be silenced in our own back yard. Theilemans, you have no right to do this. You alone cannot deny me my citizens rights. You have angered me. I will not forgive you.

I, one of the people of Europe, demand that you think again.

You can e-mail our good old Freddy at: Kabinet.Bgm.Thielemans@brucity.be
I’m sure he’d be glad of a few comments to help him along life’s narrow pathway. Drop him a line, let him know how you feel.


5 Responses to “What About MY Citizens Rights?”

  1. […] Also read an angry citizens reply on the denial here. […]

  2. Bram Visser said

    F*** you dhimmi…

    I presume you mean the good mayor and not me?! I have moderated your comment. I understand the sentiment, but I will not tolerate the publication of profanity on my site.

  3. Cassandra said

    Good for you! Go here!

  4. Skjoldungen said

    Today I wrote this letter to Mr. Thielemans:

    As a Danish citizen I hereby want to express my utmost gratitude for
    your decision of banning a public demonstration in Brussels on
    September 11.Th.

    Your decision is an invaluable help for the anti-EU movement and
    organizations here in Denmark. Forbidding peaceful demonstrations
    and suppressing freedom of speech makes it absolutely clear what
    the EU stands for.

    Thank you. Your generous help is greatly appreciated.

    At first glance, I misunderstood your comment here. On a second reading I see we are completely in agreement. Thielemans is displaying exactly the actions of a man under dhimmitude. This is islamisation at work. And the EU at its worst.

  5. Mirabel said

    I would like to -really- know the main aim of your anger (or any other expression of this group) aganist Islam. I have to admit that i haven’t read any of your testimonals because it seem like(totally my perception) all i will find out will be the true meaning of “stereotyping”. I seriously don’t know what you’d to come up while you are living together with muslims, and i would like to know your experiences. I hope you won’t show any angry attitude toward my message just because i am not giving any support to your demonstration.

    My anger is directed at our own gutless politicians who have sold their positions to outsiders. They no longer represent the European people and live apparently in fear of muslim rage. I cannot exercise my civil rights because they are afraid of muslim rage. If they cannot guarantee my safety on the streets of Europe, then who can? This is islamisation.

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