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So, Just what is this “Islamisation” then?

Posted by Exile on August 12, 2007

I have been following the discussion on the SIOE website concerning the now illegal demonstration that should have taken place on the 11th of September. As I understand it, there may be thousands of christians that are going to be in the city on that date touring the middle of Brussels. I will be there too. Strange coincidence.

The demonstration should have been held to demand a stop to the islamisation of Europe. Someone has asked me what I mean by islamisation.

Well, it has nothing to do with muslims. Apart from the loss of human life by the bombing of a few busses, a few trains, airports, and the murder of a few prominent figures like Pym Fortyne,  and the stabbings, rape and robbery, islam is no overwhelming threat to us. If it came to open war (and that may yet happen), we would wipe the floor with them. Islam as a “stand alone” concept is doomed to failure. It is only when our politicians (and thereby also, our police and courts) give in to the bullying and the “muslim rage” effect, that it becomes remotely dangerous.

Islamisation is the effect that our politicians have on our homelands when they no longer respect our civil rights and positively discriminate in favour of the muslim community.

Islamisation is the constant erosion of our civil rights when our politicians make new, or bend existing laws to favour islam out of fear of the muslim reaction.

The demonstration to be held in Brussels was just such a victim of this islamisation. Freddy Thielemans, Socialist mayor of Brussels and MEP, forbade the demonstration because of his fear of upsetting the muslims. Our civil rights of the freedom of assembly and of freedom of expression aren’t worth a pinch of dog poop to Freddy, and the charter of civil rights in the EU is not worth the piece of paper it was written on. It will not be enforced and not one MEP will defend it because they are all afraid of upsetting the muslims. This is islamisation. It is all the things we must, or must not, do for fear of upsetting the muslims.

We cannot print pictures or cartoons of Mohammed in our newspapers for fear of upsetting the muslims. We cannot demonstrate for fear of upsetting the muslims. Our schools and institiutions must only serve halal slaughtered meat for fear of upsetting the muslims. We must not decorate our public institutions at Christmas for fear of upsetting the muslims. We cannot speak the truth about islamic terrorism, or even call it that, for fear of upsetting the muslims. Some us may not blog or express our thoughts publicly for fear of upsetting the muslims. “Muslim only” days at the swimming pool for fear of upsetting the muslims. Etc., etc.
I could continue. But I think most of those who read this will understand my point of view. Islamisation has little to do with Islam. It does have to do with our cowardly politicians who ceaselessly cave in to, and almost fall over backwards to accomodate every demand from that inferior and minor community to be placed at the top of the list every time they feel insulted at something which we, the ordinary people of Europe, find perfectly natural and acceptable. If the politicians showed a little backbone and told them politely but firmly that they can actually like it here the way things are or move on, then islamisation would be a thing of the past.

It is apparently acceptable to our politicians that immigrant populations can publicly demand the beheading of other citizens, and openly incite to violence on our streets whilst  we are refused the right to demonstrate peacefully against such behaviour? Where is the civility in that? What chance then, public safety or public order? How do the politicians compare these two expressions of public indignation, to allow the one and deny the other?

My anger is not primarily directed at the muslim population. Islam has been there for centuries, it is not going to simply go away. The difference is, that for centuries we managed to defend our society from it, by having the balls to stand up and tell them that we were not prepared to give in to anything, nor to any form of foreign invasion. Those that have been elected to do just that are not doing it. They must therefore bear the brunt of my anger and disgust.

There was a time when we could trust our politicians. Sixty years of socialist politics in Europe has changed all that. Now we have to take the initiative as citizens and reverse the trend. It starts by us telling our politicians that we have had enough and that we will not accept this cowardly behaviour any longer. We must demonstrate this.
Whether they give us the permission to do so or not.

We are their masters. They must serve us. If they don’t, then we have every right to express our mistrust in them, or indeed, to remove them. We, the people of Europe, must stop the islamisation of Europe. Our politicians won’t. Why not? Because they are afraid of upsetting the muslims.

I’m not. Are you?

See you in Brussels.


2 Responses to “So, Just what is this “Islamisation” then?”

  1. kepiblanc said

    Excellent analysis, Exile. The inborn stupidity of Islam is its own death sentence. Just imagine a Eurabian caliphate: In a heartbeat it would collapse into yet another failed state. The ones to oppose are not primarily the Mohammedans, but our own politicians, the “dead men walking”.
    Perhaps the most obvious sign of their “appeasement” right now is the skyrocketing violent crime in our streets. Not for a second do I mistrust the ordinary policeman who has to deal with these scumbags on a daily basis – their frustration must be enormous – but clearly they “follow orders from above”, making it almost risk-free to steal, rob, rape and kill – provided you’re a Muslim, that is. The police are not allowed to publish meaningful descriptions and if some witnesses to a crime turn to the police, they are “forgotten”.
    I just wonder how long our politicians can keep the lid on the kettle. The longer they do so, the more violent the inevitable explosion…

    My thanks for your endorsement of my POV Kepi..
    …and welcome to my new site. Glad you found it.

  2. Yorkshireminer said

    Well apart from the Christians, there will be one atheist there. The Politicians can’t be all stupid, you have to have a certain corrupt intelligence to be able to climb the greasy pole. They have got to be able to see that if they carry on like this there will be a backlash. I think that they just don’t want it to happen on there watch. In fact the backlash might just be starting now. It seems that one Dimmi in England has had enough, a celt with a short fuse by the look of it. He has a good paddy name. Just wait until the English get going the fuses are usually a little longer. He went to the Regent Park Mosque and seriously beat up an Immam. We of cause wont find out what drove him to that act, nobody in his right mind would go into a mosque and beat seven colors of shit out of an Immam, he is lucky to get out alive, but you can bet your life he had a reason. The guy is I think about 43, perhaps he has a daughter has been gang raped by these hound from hell, and the police have done nothing. You can bet your life the people of Hammersmith where he comes from will know. That will mean a few more votes for the BNP at the next election. Here by the way is a link don’t forget to read the comments.


    Here by the way is another link you might have missed how to make a Sub Machine Gun using hydrolic piping and off the shelf pipe fitting from the local iron mongers all you need is a couple of evenings work with a bench drill a vice and a file. I of cause are not advocating such a course, heaven forbid, I am just point you in this direction for reference purposes and to satisfy you curiosity. They would of cause be useless without amunition. I can see though some of the more extreme types in British society doing such a thing and perhaps some of the not so extreme types doing it one has to wait and see. See you in Brussels


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