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A Responsible Decision

Posted by Exile on August 16, 2007

I was immensely pleased to learn that SIOE has decided to go ahead with the demonstration in Brussels on the 11th September despite the refusal by the Mayor of Brussels, Mr. Freddy Thielemans, (Socialist), to allow it to take place.

The public support for the demo has been seen to be larger than perhaps first thought and the outcry for, and determination of, people to go anyway has prompted SIOE to challenge the Mayors decision on the grounds that public safety will be better served by holding the demo than by allowing several thousand individuals run through the streets of Brusssels in unorganised and unchecked groups. The effect of hundreds of groups wandering through various areas of Brussels, some perhaps looking for a confrontation, would have meant a black day for Brussels police, hospitals and the citizens of the town. Allowing the people to have their say collectively, in one controlled area, is by far the better choice.

Perhaps the Mayor should have taken the time to consider this before he blackballed the demo. He obviously didn’t, and probably still doesn’t, expect thousands of individuals to defy his unilateral denial of our civil rights and go there anyway on such a day.

A second reason to applaud this brave decision by SIOE is that this is a clear stand against the actions of our politicians, who seem to think that they are our masters and that we are there to be governed, not served. This arrogance from the Euro-politicians is what has allowed the islamisation of Europe to begin and we, the people, must be the ones to stop it. We have never been asked if we would accept our homelands being overrun by immigrant muslims. We have never been asked if we believe it is acceptable to us, that our laws be rewritten to accomodate and promote islam. I believe I know what our answer would be. And therefore, we will never be asked. Which makes it all the more important that we go to Brussels and tell them;

“Enough is enough.”

I encourage anybody who has the means and the will to do so, to go to Brussels, to be there on the 11th of September. I believe the future of Europe is at stake here and that if we do not make a stand soon, then Europe will fall. Beginning, possibly, with Belgium, the home of the European capital.
Bravo SIOE. My congratulations on a responsible and brave decision. I will be there.


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