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Nice Try but No Cigar

Posted by Exile on August 19, 2007

I get a fair amount of e-mail one way or another, concerning my blog and other related subjects. A result of this is, that I get sent off to various blogs with the usual plea – “you have to see this”. Some, because they are really amusing, some because they are informative. On my rounds this morning I visited a British blog, “The Lighthouse”. (At least, I presume it’s British). There is a round up of headlines to be found on that blog and I followed a few of the links. All good stuff pointing to the Brussels demo. However, there was one link which was a bit different. It directed me to a “pledge centre” – basically a public appeal site where one can sign up to a specific action in support of someone trying to get something done, or organised, for the public good.

The link (here) brought me to a pledge that states, that this one man will contact the metropolitan police and seek permission to demonstrate against the islamisation of Britain if 100,000 others will sign up for the demo. The pledge states that the rules for the demo will be as laid out in the demo rules from the SIOE website concerning the Brussels demo. The deadline is for the 1st September. So far only 13 people have signed up. This pledge is going to fail.

Which is a bit of a shame. The idea is Ok, but I don’t think the approach is right. It is dependant on people going to the pledge site, which is one of millions of sites to be found on the internet. It will not actively go and gather support. It does not advertise its presence. One has to talk these things into being, and one has to work at it. If I wanted to be bitterly cruel, I could use the pledge results to say that only 13 people in Britain are concerned about islamisation, which is not true, but anyone can see the negative advertising value of the results so far.

The process of getting the SIOE demo in Brussels in September to reality has taken nearly 8 months to complete. From idea to event, it has been a constant effort to get the word out and rally support. That support has grown with time and exposure.

I applaud this man’s eforts, but I would advise him to start again and build slowly. He needs to get a few of the bigger blogs to help him get the word out, and lead people to his pledge. His deadline is much too close to his start date and he is depending on at least 100,000 people agreeing with him and seeing the site, both simultaneously. This is not the way to go about it.
Let us see what the 11th of September brings in Brussels. If SIOE can gather success there, then we may see individual lands getting their share of attention. Brussels this year, London next? Or Paris? This is a long slow process. We have only just begun.


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