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History Lesson.

Posted by Exile on August 24, 2007

Have you ever wondered what your great grand children may be reading in school in a hundred years time? Probably not. We are living in the present, but it will be someone’s past and it will be history for scholars to come. From time to time, I get pointed towards intriguing articles on the internet and I found this particular one to be rather interesting. It leads in with an historical account of a civil war encompassing most of Europe. It then goes on to address how we may change the course of this history, of which we are the making.

The Great Civil War in Europe.

The conflicts between islamists and other followers of traditional islam, which is the real islam, and non-muslims in various countries in Europe, grew during the first decades of the 21st century. The larger the muslim parts of the populations grew in various countries, the more radicalized (in this case: true to its doctrine) they became. No effective policies prevented that parallel muslim societies became strong in different parts of Europe, and forced the governments to make many concessions and give privileges to islamists. […]
After decades of protests and demonstrations, a number of violent acts against political adversaries including murders of political opponents, developed into frequent physical fights between islamists vs police and private militias, and later into firefights. The frequency of terrorist acts against the general non-muslim population increased. In some countries, this phase [..] of the islamisation process of Europe led to armed insurrections […] which grew organically from the demonstrations, conflicts, fights and terrorist acts. After a period, even heavy weapons were used, and the fights between islamists and the military and other forces soon developed into regular civil wars. […]

In the countries where this occurred, city after city were partly (or mostly) destroyed in the fighting. During the conflicts, it was discovered that the concentration of muslims to certain larger cities, and there often to parts of the cities, was a blessing. Few wars have been won by mainly occupying cities – by static forces – with few industries and no natural supply of food or other necessary resources. The fighting rapidly became very brutal, and a hundred Fallujahs appeared in Europe. The civil wars in various countries were extremely violent and cruel, and the destruction of the cities severe, when block after block had to be reconquered by the Europeans.

Frightening stuff. You can read more at Islam Watch.


One Response to “History Lesson.”

  1. Chris said

    That’s a rather optimistic outlook- it’s not in arabic or talking about how the new leaders established a tax upon the surviving non-muslims so they might pay tribute to the merciful followers of mohammed and continue to live in shame until they dwindle out.
    The alternative would be of course that the history book is praising the valiant martyrs and dedicated muslims who wiped all the infidels from the face of the earth using brilliant PC tactics and taking advantage of the weak and their “so-called” filthy freedoms. Now THAT’S scary.

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