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How Not to Use an RPG

Posted by Exile on August 26, 2007

Another terrorist “own goal”!

They’re real good at this!

And once again, he screams “Allah u-akbhar”, just before the explosion. Could it be, this Allah guy is getting pissed off with them too?


2 Responses to “How Not to Use an RPG”

  1. You would have thought that they could read the newspapers. I don’t know how many millions of toys are having to be returned to mattels because they are defect. The moral of this story is don’t buy anything from China.

  2. skjoldungen said

    Maybe they’ve given up using mortars? – BTW Exile, it isn’t a RPG but a recoilless gun.

    You’re absolutely right, it is a recoilless gun, I allowed mysef to be influenced by the original title on You Tube. Still, damn good video, eh?!

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