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The People are Revolting – So Are the Politicians

Posted by Exile on August 29, 2007

So what really happened yesterday in Brussels? The high court decided not to make a decision, either for or against the demonstration. Employing delaying tactics, not to simply frustrate the efforts of  SIOE and all those who hold their civil liberties dear, but to save their own skins. I believe the judges are probably under some form of instruction to delay and deny the demo but I have a sneaking suspicion that they are simply afraid. And they have good reason to be.

This is the first time a pan-European collection of citizens are demanding their right to demonstrate against the very politicians that the judges serve. These politicians, that have been very busy with their “United Europe”, never expected the citizens to unite. They expected our governing parliaments to unite, yes, but not the people. They are concerned with governing us, not consulting us. Therefore, it must come as a total shock to find out, that the people of many European countries can organise themselves to say “No”, on a collective front, to something which they are intent on achieving. This is tantamount to revolution. How dare the ordinary rank and file of Europe organise such an event, involving citizens from almost every country in Europe, and then come to the very heart of Europe and protest against islamisation and the people responsible for it? A demo in one state goes virtually unnoticed in Europe. But this is a demo against the very European organisation, and it will be right on their doorstep. I don’t think that has ever been done before.
The reaction of Freddy Thielemans and the cowardly non decision of the Belgian high court demonstrates their fear of public unrest. We have rattled them. I believe they are afraid of us. The continual accusations of racism, xenophobia and islamophobia also demonstrate this.

I can imagine the muttering inside the EP. “For heavens sake, don’t accept the people’s point of view. Demonise it! Call them names. Give them labels. Put a negative badge on them. Anything rather than be faced by popular disapproval which may expose our weakness.”

Could it be, that one or two of them have realised that they are there to serve us, not command us?
And think what ramifications that would cause if the word got out! So we must be silenced before this radical idea spreads. They can’t have the people taking the initiative or indeed telling them what to do, can they? Could it possibly be, that the people are revolting?

Thielemans reasons for not allowing the demo are clear, hollow and cowardly. He is afraid of upsetting the muslims. The judges in the high court are afraid of losing their jobs and afraid of upsetting the muslims. The EU politicians as a whole are afraid of upsetting the muslims. Cowards to a man. They are truly revolting.

I am not afraid of upsetting the muslims. I relish the idea. I am afraid of our own politicians selling us out to the muslims. Therefore, despite the delaying tactics, the refusal to allow us to demonstrate, the refusal to grant me my civil right to freedom of assembly and free speech and free expression, this makes me all the more determined to go there and demonstrate. I prefer to think of myself as a citizen of a free Europe. Not a second class dhimmi in an increasingly islamised super state. Unfortunately there are others who think otherwise. More unfortunately, it is they that have taken power in Europe.

No wonder they are afraid. And so they should be. They have forgotten that democratic government is meant to be by the people, of the people and for the people. Well, get ready. The people are about to speak. Be afraid.


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