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Racist Crime Increasing in the EU

Posted by Exile on August 30, 2007

The EU is concerned with putting a stop to racism. I couldn’t agree more. I do disagree with their definition of what racism is, but that is another story. However, the EU bureaucrats have recently published an article that drew my attention:

Upward trend in racist crimes in at least 8 EU countries
Human rights – 29-08-2007 – 16:33

Racism continues to blight Europe.

“Racist violence and crime remain a serious social ill across Europe”, says the 2006 report on racism and xenophobia presented by the new Fundamental Rights Agency to the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday. The report analyses discrimination in employment, housing and education across the 27 Member States.”

You’re telling me! The amount of rapes and stabbings, robbery and unprovoked attacks on indigenous Europeans is staggering. Unfortunately, Europe doesn’t count these as racist crimes. The only crimes that are “racist” are carried out by white people.

“Most EU countries have implemented the 2000 Racial Equality Directive, but the number of complaints and sanctions imposed remains low, suggesting the need to raise awareness, the report said. There is a lack of data about racist violence, with only 11 of the 27 countries providing statistics. What data there is shows an increase in recorded racist crimes, with the UK, Germany, Denmark, France, Slovakia, France and Ireland reporting a rise and Austria, Sweden and the Czech Republic showing a decrease.”

The lack of data about racist crime is obvious. We do not register crimes as being racist if they are committed by immigrants. Or the children of immigrants. For example, every time a European woman is raped by a muslim, this is not prosecuted as a racist crime. It should be. The same should be done in the event of stabbings, robbery and violent assault. But even if one attempts to have the case prosecuted as such, one is automatically dubbed a racist and informed that the case will be tried, if a perpetrator is caught, as a simple crime. I have not experienced one case of rape in Denmark prosecuted as being racially motivated. Has anybody else? I doubt it, but you are welcome to inform me of such if you have. I won’t hold my breath.

And here’s a paragraph that explains the lunacy that is European law:

“Looking beyond crime, unemployment among immigrants and minorities remains significantly higher than for the majority population. Simply having an Arabic sounding name can hurt an applicant’s job prospects, according to research done in Sweden. Racial discrimination over housing is one of the main sources of complaints to anti-discrimination authorities in many Member States, especially advertisements for housing with “no foreigner” stipulations.

These problems are exacerbated for migrants without proper legal papers, who in some cases have become modern day slaves. The worst examples can be found among those in the domestic and farm sectors.”

Migrants “without proper legal papers”? Can’t we call them what they really are? Illegal immigrants. Were they here legally, then they would have the proper legal papers. And if they are here illegally, they are not entitled to housing or work. Merely a one-way ticket out of the country.

Link: EU article.


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