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Islamism in Brussels

Posted by Exile on September 30, 2007

This was apparently banned in Brussels, I don’t know if they can see it. I was tipped off by an e-mail and I thank the sender, who wished to remain unidentified.

I understand that the BBC aired it. If so, I am surprised.

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Sports News from Saudi

Posted by Exile on September 29, 2007

No, I didn’t make this up!

Football Fans behind Bleachers for Women
Saturday, 29 September 2007

Saudi Gazette

SOME 51 percent of sports fans are for the allocation of a portion of bleachers in Saudi stadiums to women, according to a survey conducted by Arabic daily newspaper Al-Watan.

These respondents said that supporting soccer teams and enjoying soccer matches should not be made exclusive to males, especially with the frequent participation of the Saudi soccer team in the World Cup Finals.
They added that allowing females to participate in more social activities will keep them from joining International Women’s Rights movements.

Those opposed to the idea said it might lead to moral decay.

“What if a player’s body is revealed indecently as he falls? Wouldn’t that be seductive to females?” they challenged.

A suggestion to use mirror-like glass to allow female soccer fans to watch games from the bleachers while remaining unseen was broached.

The 300 respondents in the survey were between 17 and 65 years old. The survey was conducted in universities, banks and government departments.

Women usually gather in sports cafés to watch the games of their favorite teams.


I get the feeling that all is not well in the Land of Saud.

Women have a real choice here, international football or international womens rights movements? Tough choices, huh?
And what about the menfolk? Imagine, if one of the burkha clad women suddenly gets the hots for a fallen football player who has a rounder set of buttocks than old Achmed that married her before she was ready and paid a healthy price for her in goats and sheep? Where will all this lead?

Decisions, decisions! Unfortunately for the ladies, they will be made by the men.

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Just a Thought…

Posted by Exile on September 29, 2007

Is there any REAL difference between what is happening to those demonstrators in Myanmar today and what happened to Vlaams Belang in Brussels some three weeks ago?

No. Not really. Both parties are seeking freedom from oppression and both parties are being attacked and surpressed by their own government.

Military dictatorship or parliamentary dictatorship.

Same shit.

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Sex Education

Posted by Exile on September 29, 2007

Here’s one for the anti abortion crowd…

Found in The Times;

A schoolgirl who nearly provoked a constitutional crisis in the Irish Republic four months ago by demanding the right to travel to England for an abortion is pregnant again.

Miss D, as the courts called the Dublin teenager during a landmark legal battle in May, said it was a shock that she had become pregnant again so quickly. “I cried when I found out. It was a surprise. I know I said I wanted to get pregnant but I didn’t want it that soon. But I don’t regret it, I can’t wait,” she told the Irish Independent newspaper.

A shock? A surprise? Perhaps some should explain to her how this happens..?

She was in the care of the Republic’s Health Service Executive (HSE) and four months pregnant when she was told her baby was suffering from anencephaly and would not survive outside the womb. The HSE contacted the police to prevent her leaving Ireland. She went to court and the judge ruled that the case was about the right to travel rather than the rights of the unborn child to life. “I didn’t have an abortion, it was an induced labour,” she insisted in yesterday’s interview. The baby, whom she named Jasmine, died.

So let’s get this right. A schoolgirl in public care gets pregnant, has an abortion after a court case allowing to her go to England to have the pregnancy stopped because abortion is illegal in Ireland, is now pregnant again after only four months. Allowing two months for initial gestation and confirmation of the pregnancy, she was probably pregnant two months after the abortion.
Either she’s ignorant, stupid or very determined, or somebody isn’t doing their job.

Go figure.

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My Own European Council

Posted by Exile on September 27, 2007

Yes folks, it really exists. It is called the European Council on Refugees and Exiles.

Actually, it’s another one of the many different councils and commissions set up by the EU to badger governments within the the EU to tow the party line dictated by Brussels. The tactic is simple but effective. One of the many will attack a government office for not accepting immigrants, or not doing enough for them, or whatever. The government in question will of course react and the discussion rolls in the media for a week or so. When it all goes away, the EU rolls out the next council or commission or whatever they decide to call it, to start the whole debate up again. Thus they can continue to attack a government in a never ending tirade of “you swine – look how racist/islamophobic/xenophobic/inhumane/right wing extremist you are”.
The idea is to wear all opposition down and eventually get their way by continually repeating the same old worn out Eu mantra, but from a new and “independent” source. That they share the same information and quote each others cases as documentation for their own is irrelevant.
It’s the wolf pack attack. One of the pack attacks until he’s tired, a new one takes over and the victim has to constantly fight a fresh opponent. Simple, brilliant, exhausting.

And surprise, surprise, ECRE’s beef with the Danish government? You guessed it, refused asylum seekers not being allowed to live amongst the ordinary population but confined to reception centres which they refuse to leave after not being granted asylum. Strangely, or is that coincidentally, this attack comes just after Amnesty International decided to have a bash at Denmark last week for the self same reason. I wonder who it will be next week?
I’m betting on the UNHCR. Why? Well, it’s the usual modus operandi. First the NGO watchdog, then the EU watchdog and finally the mighty UN watchdog.
Repeat ad infinitum.

ECRE can join the other organisations I have mentioned before, Such as OSCE, the EUMC, FRA, ECRI, and CERD. That is six organisations, all championing human rights for immigrants, illegal or otherwise, within the EU, and all with the same agenda. I’ll bet there are more waiting in line.
How are they funded? Taxes. My tax money and yours, fellow Europeans.
What do they cost? Billions.

I suppose one should remember, that these organisations are formed by the EU. They are not run by democratically elected representatives. They are put there by the EU bureaucracy, funded by the EU and work specifically for the EU. Actually, they have no authority. One could ignore them. Unfortunately the very bureaucracy that put them there, uses them to back up its treasonous policies and quote them when formulating these same policies. We all know the term – “independent research shows…” and then quote its chosen European Council on yada-yada.

The thing is, if I can see through this, why can’t others? Isn’t there one EU politician anywhere that will come out and say this publicly?

Any old how, I am glad that there is now a European Council for me. Confused? Well, just see who posted this blog!

Here’s the link to The European Council on Refugees and Exiles.

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Posted by Exile on September 24, 2007

I am not affected by emotional pornography. Reality has to be the dominant factor in a discussion as far as I am concerned. This doesn’t stop our illustrious press in its campaign to affect our politics concerning the treatment and ejection of asylum seekers that have, after due process, for one reason or another, been refused residence in our country. Amnesty International, the well known do-gooder elite collection of leftist crackpots, has been after us again, this time criticising the government for its offer of a free education to the rejected asylum seekers who have refused to leave and are currently clogging what we call reception centres for these people. The offer is only valid if they sign a paper promising to go back from whence they came. Since we owe these people nothing, I can’t think why that should seem so unattractive to AI, in fact, I find it more than fair. Praiseworthy. Look at it from a realistic point of view and you will probably agree. They came looking for a life long handout, didn’t get it and now they are being offered a free education, including board and lodging, that they perhaps couldn’t get in their own land, before returning home again. That’s pretty large considering we have no obligation to these people, other than to give them a one-way ticket out of the country. Sorry, but that’s the reality.

The next story to roll off the presses is equally emotionally pornographic. The children of these refused asylum seekers are now suffering the psychological consequences of a life in a reception centre. Never mind the fact that it is their parents who are refusing to leave that are condemning them to such a life. These kids are going loony. And its all our fault.
Obviously. Nothing to do with their parents. According to Amnesty, we owe them a living.

Take the case of one nine year old from Sri Lanka. He’s been in the centre for over six years. His parents don’t seem to be in a hurry to leave. Obviously life there suits them. But the youngster has cost us 600,000 (six hundred thousand) Danish Crowns in Psycho support.
And he’s not the only one.

The intention here is obvious. As soon as we accept the medical responsibility for the kids, we will have to grant asylum to the whole family so they can stay here and get him fixed. Granny, Granddad, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, in fact, the entire clan, will have to come too, as the extended family is naturally required to be here to look after the poor, and now insane, youngster.

Oh, the children! Won’t anybody please think about the children! Anybody but their biological parents, that is.

Which hits it on the head for me. There is only one realistic way to approach this. If you get refused the right of asylum, you are out of this country the following day. That’s it.
How can anyone remain in a reception centre for over six years? Because if you can, then it isn’t a reception centre any longer, is it? No. It is a refugee camp, or a prison, or a place to stay and do nothing and get fed and housed for free while you wait and use your kids as emotional ammunition to get a free ticket in despite having been refused entry on the legal basis of your claim.

And, by the way, since when was Denmark ever a place for a man from Sri Lanka to take his family to seek asylum? India being the closest place. Oh, that’s right. No big social handouts or free housing in India. Sorry. How remiss of me.

Send the bill to Amnesty. That might just shut them up.

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Of Baggages and Things

Posted by Exile on September 23, 2007

Looking back on my trip to Brussels fourteen days ago, I found my flight booking amongst all the papers I had accumulated on that weekend. Something caught my eye and started me thinking. It states very clearly in the terms and conditions portion of the booking notice how much baggage weight I may have with me.

Baggage allowance:

20 kg checked baggage
6 kg hand baggage (1 piece)

Hmm. Total weight allowed, 26 Kg. If I exceed that total, I am to pay for my baggage overweight. Interesting.

Personally, I weigh 103 Kg. I’m six feet tall so the weight is reasonably spread out and I don’t appear to be obese although I will admit to the middle fifties pot belly that most contented men of my age get. Total weight on board that plane then, for me personally, is 129 Kg. plus the clothes I am wearing.
What happens then, if I have one kilo extra in my suitcase? Does this mean the plane can’t get off the runway because it is too heavy? If i didn’t pay, would the aircraft have to remain on the runway? No, it just means I have to pay extra for my luggage. Why? Dunno. Because if I weighed 104 Kg. and not 103 (which is equivalent to the extra kilogram) and my luggage weighed no more than the limit allowed, I wouldn’t have to pay extra.
So it has nothing to do with weight then? No. Obviously.

What about the fat lady two places behind me in the check in queue? She weighed about 150 kilos, has the same amount of luggage as me but isn’t six feet tall. She will need a lot more space on the aircraft than I do. Total weight for her on the aircraft, 176 kilos. Did she pay more for her ticket because she weighs more than I do, and uses more seating room than I do? Probably not. No.
So it has nothing to do with peoples size and weight then? No. Obviously.

So why the bloody hell am I restricted to 26 kilo’s of luggage? To match her weight, I have 47 kilos free room in my baggage allowance. But if my luggage was one kilo over..? I don’t get it.

If I used my wife as a comparison, it gets worse. She weighs only 60 kilos. Which means she has one and a half times her own weight in luggage before she is equal in weight to the fat lady, and still has her 26 kilograms of “allowed” luggage to go. But if she has one kilo too many in her suitcase.. pay up.

This is just wrong folks. It is discriminatory.

One could, of course, calculate the lifting capacity of the aircraft, minus fuel and provisions, divide that capacity with the crew and total number of passenger seats and work out how much each place on the aircraft can safely weigh. That would at least be fair for everybody. Passenger plus luggage must not exceed “XX” kilograms. You weigh in with your luggage at check in. The less you weigh, the more luggage you may have with you. But no. They won’t do that. Imagine all the naked fat people with no luggage. Where would they keep their passports, money and tickets?

Which leads me to the following conclusion: Either I want some of my ticket money back, or the fat lady has to pay more for the priviledge of flying on the same overloaded aircraft as me. If weight has anything to do with it, I demand that fat people (well, fatter than me!) pay more.

Fair’s fair!

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Political Paradox

Posted by Exile on September 20, 2007

A couple of articles in todays Jyllands Posten had me grinning into my tea and biscuits. Domestic Danish politics can be fun.

The first is a story concerning the communist old guard which has the political party name of “Enhedslisten” and the internal differences of opinion concerning their nomination of a muslim, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, as a candidate for the Danish Parliament.
The party is splitting itself up due to some, dare I say, fundamental, differences between the old atheist communist attitudes and the “everybody is welcome in our party – even muslims and other religious nutters.” syndrome. The idea was, I believe, to curry favour with the ever increasing muslim bloc of voters that unwaveringly vote to the left of everything due to the primary source of free income which follows that particular political leaning. The dyed-in-the-wool marxists however, see it as simply outrageous that a marxist based party is now fronting a religious candidate. This is a huge deviation from the party norm and they will not tolerate it. In fact they have now started an anti-religious network within their own ranks and this is continuing to split the party. It would appear that the extremist left has no love for the islamist right after all.
Good. I have no love for communism and even less for religious fanaticism, especially the islamic type. I hope Asmaa Abdol-Hamid continues on her way through the party lines and hopefully we will be able to bury the “Enhedslisten” after the next general election.

The second article describes the battle lines being drawn between the Danish Peoples Party (DF) and the Christian Democrats. The DF is supportive of the present government and parades itself, from its powerful position in that cooperative, as the guardian of traditional Danish values. So now the Christians are up in arms over that claim. They see the DF as being intolerant of our immigrant (muslim) population and are coming out as defenders of Danish tolerance, which they obviously see as a Danish value worth hanging on to. Politically, at least, if not religiously. How a Christian political party can tolerate a muslim presence is beyond me, as those two religious fractions are poles apart when it comes to tolerance, love, peace and understanding, yada-yada and kum-ba-ya, and the latter has only one goal in life, which is the complete destruction of the former. The Christian mob is also having a hard time convincing the present government and the newly formed “Ny Alliance”, led by Naser Khader, to distance themselves from the DF.

Strange, when one thinks about these two scenarios. The communist left appears to have a common contradictory interest with the Christian right. The communist Enhedslisten is debating whether or not to front a religiously motivated person as a candidate for parliamentary election, and the Christians are coming out as tolerant defenders of muslims simply to thwart the attempts of the DF to keep them (muslims) not only out of politics, but out of the (traditionally Judeo-Christian) country. One wonders, why? Apparently, their traditional values and beliefs and dogmas are not so deeply engrained that the thought of coming elections can move them to the opposite end of the scale. Do we really want those people to govern us?

The communist, the christian and the muslim…. sounds like the start of a poor joke. Unfortunately for us, it’s serious.

Politics makes for some strange bed-fellows.

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Ooh! I’m Popular – Sort of…

Posted by Exile on September 20, 2007

Well, my blog is..

Reading through the comments section of “On the Wing”, I fell over a comment originally marked as spam. That is, the spam filter on WordPress caught it and designated it as spam mail. Sometimes I review this spam to see if there are any comments that got put there by mistake but I have to admit, the Akismet filter is usually reliable.

This one mail offered me a link to the top 100 English language WordPress blogs at some given time. I had made it into the top 100! OK, it’s the first time I made a top 100, so bear with me and be gracious. Actually, I made it in as number 87.

My thanks to all those who come and read my humble scribblings here. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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Posted by Exile on September 19, 2007

This is a statement from the VB website, in English, concerning the Brussels demo and the reaction of the police. It can also be read in French and German – click on the language marker at the bottom left of the page. My thanks to my good friend “P”, for bringing it to my attention.

Brutal police violence against MEPs in Brussels

11.09.2007 18.00u – At 12.15 today three members of the European Parliament, Frank Vanhecke, Carl Lang and Mario Borghezio have been brutally arrested by Brussels’ police during a peaceful demonstration against the islamization of Europe.

The rally had been banned by the socialist mayor of Brussels, but informally the police had indicated that a short symbolic action would be tolerated at the Schumanplein. It was also to be a demonstration in favour of freedom of speech.

Without any warning, however, the police started kicking and beating, and arresting the protesters. Frank Vanhecke, MEP and chairman of the Vlaams Belang, was thrown on the ground and kicked several times in the kidneys. Even in the police car he was beaten by members of the police force. Other MEPs and members of the Flemish and Belgian federal Parliaments, e.g. Filip Dewinter, were given the same treatment.

Such brutal police violence against a peaceful demonstration has never been displayed before in Brussels. The totalitarian and extremist behaviour of the mayor and his police force are totally unacceptable in a city that claims to be the capital of the European Union. It is a paradox that the EU is promoting democratic rights throughout the world, whereas it is located in a country that is increasingly violating those same rights.

The ITS [Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty] group has asked the President of the European Parliament to condemn this completely disproportional violence against peaceful demonstrators in general and against three MEPs in particular.

Philip Claeys
Vlaams Belang MEP
Acting president of the ITS Group

I’m keeping my eye on this! It might be interesting to see what, if anything, comes out of it.

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