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Brussels Update

Posted by Exile on September 6, 2007

Two simple e-mails have made my day. The first from SIOE;

The demonstration goes ahead as planned.

Details on the 11th September in Brussels:

Provisionally participants will commence from Luxembourg Square at 12.00 then proceed to Schumann Square in front of the European Parliament where petitions and letters will be handed in.

See you all in Brussels!

And the second, from “Gaia”;

Adriana Bolchini Gaigher of Lisistrata has today received permission from the authorities in Milan to hold a rally outside the European Commission building in Milan on September 11 in support of the SIOE rally for those Italians who cannot travel to Brussels, which will be attended by film crew and journalists.

I will send you copy of her communique’ upon receipt and when I have translated it.

I understand a similar event is being organized outside the Belgian Consulate in Florence.

So, if you can’t get to the one, you may be able to get to the other. I will be in Brussels. I make no secret of that and I will not be frightened off by mayors, courts or anything else. We have seen various lines of attack from Freddy Theilemans and the Belgian courts and have been called everything from racists to nazis. Big deal. I refuse to wear their badges. I am going to Brussels as a concerned citizen of Europe. There is nothing racist or national socialist in that. I am simply going there to express my point of view. That is my right, and I intend to use it.
Hopefully, so will others.

See you all in Brussels.

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