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Islamoplomacy in Sweden

Posted by Exile on September 7, 2007

vilks4.jpgNot having commented on Swedens “Motoons” crisis, I have nevertheless had my eye on how the Swedes will handle the present situation with a (thanks to Denmark) greatly reduced amount of muslim rage over Lars Vilks cartoons, the “Modoggies”. The Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, has met with foreign (I hate to use the term) diplomats. They are far from diplomatic as far as I can see. The latest news is that they have made no demands and that the talks went peacefully. Sweden has made no concessions. – Yet.

The Egyptian embassador, Samah Mohamed Sotuhi, on the other hand, has made a remarkable statement to the press, or the powers that be, or whatever. He met up with a clear set of demands.
According to the coverage on Denmarks TV2 he says the following;

“We want to see action, not just nice words. We must try to change the law. Muslims need legal protection against the ridiculing of Mohammed, in the same way that the Jews and homosexuals are protected. On a long term basis, students in school must be taught that if they express their points of view it must be done in a way that does not hurt or insult anyone. It must also be a part of the journalists training. And there should be a permanent commitee in the parliament to work against islamophobia.”

I see. The Egyptian “embassador” wants to dictate Swedish law. And school curriculum. And college curriculum. And apparently has a problem with Jews and homosexuals, whom he feels are being favoured by Sweden, as opposed to Mohammed, who is not mentioned in Swedish law as far as I know. Not to mention the setting up of yet another (costly) commitee to combat “islamophobia”, or to promote islam in Sweden, depending on how you see it. Who says we’re not being islamised?

I can’t help feeling that Anders Fogh Rasmussen got it right here in Denmark during the motoons affair. He refused point blank to speak with these “diplomats” and “embassadors”, stating very clearly, that freedom of speech is not up for discussion. It is a part of our way of life and is not negotiable, on any terms.

To suggest that Mohammed needs legal protection from ridicule is, in itself, ridiculous. We have to ridicule him. It is the will of Allah. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be capable of doing it, would we? Using the muslim logic of an all powerful god, if Allah didn’t want Lars Vilks , or me, to insult the pædophile prophet, then it wouldn’t be possible.

So, here’s my two cents worth. I don’t need to be diplomatic here. Screw Mohammed, screw Islam and screw the Egyptian embassador. All three should be sent back to the desert sands from whence they came. And Sweden should feel the same way.
And if the muslims don’t like our laws, or the way we express ourselves? Tough.

Don’t like it here? Then leave.

3 Responses to “Islamoplomacy in Sweden”

  1. skjoldungen said

    Reinfeldt invites 20 thugs appointed by brutal dictators from the worlds most barbaric hellholes containing the planets dumbest people who never, ever contributed anything positive to mankind. Nothing, nada, nichts, null, zero, zip, zilch. People who worship a medieval pedophile scumbag with a serious mental disorder and behave themselves as a slimy, expanding and malignant eczema on the globe’s skin. People who’s one and only purpose in this life is to die as martyrs while creating havoc, mayhem and all kinds of atrocities until they can rape 72 virgins. People who are outright crazy, mad and insane in every respect. And they come here demanding respect???

    Yes, they do. And Reinfeldt delivered. Yes, Sweden caved. Shame on him.

  2. agentdouble0zero said

    This is perhaps the best story to come out of this whole affair. What a defense:

    “She threatened him with death. She didn’t say she would do it herself, but that she’s encouraging like-minded people to do so,” Lund said.


    What I don’t understand is the article states the anger is over idolatry not defamation of the Prophet himself. Does that imply the Muslims are more concerned about their own people starting to worship a half-dog/half-human?

    I compressed the link for you. It ran off the page.

  3. JJ said

    In reference to the multitude of virgins awaiting the martyrs. As Dennis Miller, a USA comic commented, “After about 3 virgins, gimme a pro who will stick her finger in my ass at the appropriate time”. I rest my case.

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