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Brussels, Here I Come

Posted by Exile on September 9, 2007

siadrallylogomed.gifSo, all packed and ready to go. I have my passport, plane ticket, hotel reservation, Euros and a good guide book for Brussels. I am taking my cell phone and camera with me too. I need to document this affair with pictures and it may prove usefull if I have to defend myself in court anywhere!

I found a useful telephone number on the SIOE website. If one requires legal assistance in Brussels, one can ring 0475 47 24 55. I have no idea who will answer the call, but I have noted the number anyway. It may also be a good idea to have the number for your own embassy somewhere too.

I want to make it clear why I am going to be there at the demo. I am not going there for a puch-up. I intend to demonstrate peacefully. If I am attacked, I will defend myself. I will not provoke anybody unnecessarily. My arguement is with our politicians. It is not with Islam or muslims. Not on Tuesday in Brussels, at least. It is our politicians who are caving in to muslim pressure and the threat of muslim violence. They only have themselves to blame for the position they are in now. Had they, from the beginning, refused to bow to this pressure and change our laws to accomodate Islam, then islamisation would not be a point of discussion. Indeed, it would not exist. The muslims cannot islamise Europe. Only our lawmakers can. And they must be stopped. So I am going to stand outside the parliament building and scream at the top of my lungs at them, “Enough is Enough!” “No sharia here!” I want those people, in that building, to hear me. I want them to hear me telling them, that we have had enough of islamisation in Europe and we will take no more.

Hopefully, when I begin to shout, others will join in. Between us, we may just get the sound of our message through the glass front of the parliament building.

To those who have decided to withdraw from the demo, I can only say that they are contributing to the islamisation of Europe by not turning up. They have given in to the very forces that we are determined to defeat. We may not be 20,000 on the streets on Tuesday, but we that are going to be there, however many or few, will know that we didn’t cave in, we stuck by our intentions and we will have started something. We may be worried, or apprehensive, or even downright scared, but we will be there, and we will be heard.

Other than that, I hope it all goes peacefully and quietly. See you all there.

Que sera, sera!


3 Responses to “Brussels, Here I Come”

  1. See you there

  2. Chris said

    Good luck and best wishes. Hope you didn’t get clubbed/arrested, and that you’ll be safely home soon to tell the world what you witnessed!
    Thanks for making history!

  3. stari_momak said


    You state that the Muslims cannot Islamicize Europe, but only Western politicians can. But with increasing numbers comes increasing power. If there were, say, 500 Muslims in all of Brussels, or 10,000 in all of the UK, there simply would be no problem. But 10 of 17 of the Socialist members of the Brussels council are Muslims. No doubt some are ‘moderate’ and ‘secular’ , but unfortunately there is a creep towards radicalism. Even if there weren’t, the mere fact that so-many women in Brussels were headscarfs — and so many in London were Burkahs, points to social, demographic Islamicisation.

    Clearly the problem is social as well as political. It relates to immigration, demography, and such issues. Now, maybe the smart tactics with the press is to blame Western politicians, but the root cause is a large and growing Muslim population.

    I agree. We must, at some point, begin reversing the trend of Islamic immigration. But for the moment, we must choose the battles that we can win. Having won those, we can then address other problems. Merely by not giving in to demands now, we can make Europe less attractive to those who would overrun us. I believe we must win the political battle before we can win the social. If our politicians are against us, how can we possibly win?

    Or must we have the great european civil war?

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