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And I’m the Extremist?

Posted by Exile on September 13, 2007

pic00006.jpgWhile I was in Brussels, I was shown this newspaper from february 2006. It documents another illegal demonstration, in Schaerbeek, Brussels.

The main text demands “Death to the Jewish dogs” and “Death to the Christian dogs”.

Compared to that, how can anyone call me an extremist for merely wanting to preserve Roman Law in Europe? Is it because I am not religiously motivated? In that case, we secular atheists had better stick together, or they’ll be after us next.

What have these people got against dogs anyway? What do the “animals rights” brigade have to say about this? Are Jewish dogs circumcised? Are Christian dogs baptised? Can Hindu dogs eat meat? Thinking about it, I’m just glad I am neither christian nor jew and not a dog.

Jew, Christian or labrador, I am none of these things.

But I am, apparently, according to the MSM and our politicians, a “racist” and an “extremist”.

Stone me…..! (..and I’m sure these muslims from the religion of peace would, if they got the chance!)

Seriously folks;

I refuse to wear the “extremist” badge.

Or the “racist” badge.

This is why.

Are we all clear on that now?

11 Responses to “And I’m the Extremist?”

  1. KGS said

    Good couple of posts Exile! Don’t let them label us, we are no bigots or extremists.

    Their meatheaded policies though only serve to embolden Islamist bigots and extremists. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

    I blogged on your latest posts here: Tundra Tabloids

    Thanks for giving us the personal eye-view of what went on!

    *L* KGS

    And thankyou. I have compressed the link. It ran off the page!

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  4. bohemianprose said

    Shout it yes it is a peaceful religion isn’t it! So lets see the only ones who are safe are the muslims them selves? Owe wait, nope, their killing them selves as well – oh well lets just hit the nuke button while were at it ok guys – give it up.

  5. soopahvi said

    not at all clear, nope.

  6. boatangdemetriou said

    Very interesting site and thought provoking views. it’s good to see people having opinions and the balls to speak them! (Even if I might not agree with everything you may have to say).

    All the best to you.


  7. Stay strong and good luck. The West needs more like you. Preserving the same isn’t a religiously motivated goal.

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  10. JJ said

    As Albert Eintein once postulated “I do not know what the 3rd world war will entail, but the 4th will be fought with sticks and stones”. Or something like that. The IAF has a squadron in Iraq. Tis a short flight to Iran and the west will blink as it did when the IAF did its run into Iraq years ago. I fear not for me but for my children and grandchildren for they are not proficient in the use of an M-14. But for me, I keep one handy with enough rounds to protect my home should the need arise. I say this as a citizen of the USA for one day we will be struck again.
    My applause once again to Exile. He has become my hero. Most here in the USA have their heads firmly implanted up their ass about the threat that is upon the free nations of the world. I know that all of you reading this drop a tear at times for the sacrifice of our gallent young men and women who are dying daily in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is where the rubber meets the road.
    They are shedding blood and flesh for all of Western society. Hold them dear for we offer our best.
    JJ USA

  11. Rithban said

    I’m sorry to see these extremists hide their tyrannical political ambitions behind religious veils, but it’s a tool they can wield like any other. If it wasn’t Islam, they’d choose another means to batter free people with. Tyrants are tyrants regardless of time or place.

    I’m heartened to see these posts coming out of Europe. Survival of freedom is human independent of personal ideology. We stand behind you in your struggle.

    Stand strong; refuse their labels.

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