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Winds of Change

Posted by Exile on September 14, 2007

demo2.jpgOne cannot go to Brussels and not see the sights that the old city offers. Culturally speaking, that would be a shame. I was in Brussels primarily, to demonstrate my dissatisfaction with our politicians who are, in my opinion, selling our traditions, culture, values, heritage and integrity to the forces of sharia with blatant disregard for the indigenous population of Europe, but that didn’t stop me being a tourist for a few hours.

One of the many I spoke with in Brussels, outside that little pub in Luxembourg Square was a young man I will call “Peter”. I promised not to identify him by name as he will be starting something himself at a future point and I have no wish to compromise him. He was educated, politically savvy and enthusiastic about the demonstration. On shaking his hand, I liked him immediately. We talked for a long time and he explained to me that the demography of Brussels had just tipped last week. The amount of indigenous citizens in Brussels had been equalled by immigrants. The split is 50/50 now. He explained, that that number included people from all of Europe plus, what shall we call it, non-EU countries. I saw many headscarves on my way through the city, so draw your own conclusions.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the old Cathedral. Though not being a devout christian, or devout anything else for that matter, I am aware that our European culture is based on what I term Judeo-Christian values. Therefore we have these huge and impressive buildings left to us by our forefathers who were governed as much by religion as they were by elected civil servants. With the current shifting of populations, and the shifting values that follow that, I was prompted by my own fears to imagine what will happen to our cultural heritage in the near future. A picture speaks a thousand words. So here’s one to think about.


One Response to “Winds of Change”

  1. Any society that won’t defend its culture and the symbols of that culture will be subsumed. It is always sad to go to Europe and see all the churches that aren’t used as churches any more. Well, they will turn the big ones into mosques soon (see Hagia Sofia).

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