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Aeneas at Schumann Square

Posted by Exile on September 15, 2007

I don’t often quote other bloggers directly on this site but this exception had to be made. My good friend Aeneas was at Schumann and witnessed the brutal attack on Vlaams Belang by the imported Wallonian police. He has video and photos and writes passionately about what happened. This from Aeneas;

“I was in Schumann Square and as far as I could see Vlaams Belang were completely blameless. The aggression and violence that I saw was completely delivered by the police and by them alone. Old men and members of the European Parliament were violently pushed to the ground. The demonstration was peaceful except for the part played by the police. It is a complete outrage that members of the European Parliament and other representatives of the free people of Europe were treated in this extraordinary and uncalled for way. If members of the US Congress were treated with such contempt as this, then this outrage would have been covered across the globe and unanimous international condemnation of such human rights abuses would have followed. Any actions that totalitarian states can perpetrate, the EU and its agents can equal!”

Read more at “Beernsandwiches”.

And here’s a picture taken with my cell phone at about 12:00 in Luxembourg Square. Compare this to Aeneas’ video.


2 Responses to “Aeneas at Schumann Square”

  1. sioebelgie said

    hi there , exile

    Here in Belgium the newspapers are pretending that the dust has settled , they are in for a nasty surprise *G*

    Before the middle of october i will make sure SIOE has a french-speaking AND a Flemisch speaking chapter which will be an “unholy alliance” in the eyes of belgian politicians.

    If they sow wind…

  2. Aeneas said

    This is footage that I have managed to make a bit clearer:

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