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Posted by Exile on September 19, 2007

This is a statement from the VB website, in English, concerning the Brussels demo and the reaction of the police. It can also be read in French and German – click on the language marker at the bottom left of the page. My thanks to my good friend “P”, for bringing it to my attention.

Brutal police violence against MEPs in Brussels

11.09.2007 18.00u – At 12.15 today three members of the European Parliament, Frank Vanhecke, Carl Lang and Mario Borghezio have been brutally arrested by Brussels’ police during a peaceful demonstration against the islamization of Europe.

The rally had been banned by the socialist mayor of Brussels, but informally the police had indicated that a short symbolic action would be tolerated at the Schumanplein. It was also to be a demonstration in favour of freedom of speech.

Without any warning, however, the police started kicking and beating, and arresting the protesters. Frank Vanhecke, MEP and chairman of the Vlaams Belang, was thrown on the ground and kicked several times in the kidneys. Even in the police car he was beaten by members of the police force. Other MEPs and members of the Flemish and Belgian federal Parliaments, e.g. Filip Dewinter, were given the same treatment.

Such brutal police violence against a peaceful demonstration has never been displayed before in Brussels. The totalitarian and extremist behaviour of the mayor and his police force are totally unacceptable in a city that claims to be the capital of the European Union. It is a paradox that the EU is promoting democratic rights throughout the world, whereas it is located in a country that is increasingly violating those same rights.

The ITS [Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty] group has asked the President of the European Parliament to condemn this completely disproportional violence against peaceful demonstrators in general and against three MEPs in particular.

Philip Claeys
Vlaams Belang MEP
Acting president of the ITS Group

I’m keeping my eye on this! It might be interesting to see what, if anything, comes out of it.


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