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My Own European Council

Posted by Exile on September 27, 2007

Yes folks, it really exists. It is called the European Council on Refugees and Exiles.

Actually, it’s another one of the many different councils and commissions set up by the EU to badger governments within the the EU to tow the party line dictated by Brussels. The tactic is simple but effective. One of the many will attack a government office for not accepting immigrants, or not doing enough for them, or whatever. The government in question will of course react and the discussion rolls in the media for a week or so. When it all goes away, the EU rolls out the next council or commission or whatever they decide to call it, to start the whole debate up again. Thus they can continue to attack a government in a never ending tirade of “you swine – look how racist/islamophobic/xenophobic/inhumane/right wing extremist you are”.
The idea is to wear all opposition down and eventually get their way by continually repeating the same old worn out Eu mantra, but from a new and “independent” source. That they share the same information and quote each others cases as documentation for their own is irrelevant.
It’s the wolf pack attack. One of the pack attacks until he’s tired, a new one takes over and the victim has to constantly fight a fresh opponent. Simple, brilliant, exhausting.

And surprise, surprise, ECRE’s beef with the Danish government? You guessed it, refused asylum seekers not being allowed to live amongst the ordinary population but confined to reception centres which they refuse to leave after not being granted asylum. Strangely, or is that coincidentally, this attack comes just after Amnesty International decided to have a bash at Denmark last week for the self same reason. I wonder who it will be next week?
I’m betting on the UNHCR. Why? Well, it’s the usual modus operandi. First the NGO watchdog, then the EU watchdog and finally the mighty UN watchdog.
Repeat ad infinitum.

ECRE can join the other organisations I have mentioned before, Such as OSCE, the EUMC, FRA, ECRI, and CERD. That is six organisations, all championing human rights for immigrants, illegal or otherwise, within the EU, and all with the same agenda. I’ll bet there are more waiting in line.
How are they funded? Taxes. My tax money and yours, fellow Europeans.
What do they cost? Billions.

I suppose one should remember, that these organisations are formed by the EU. They are not run by democratically elected representatives. They are put there by the EU bureaucracy, funded by the EU and work specifically for the EU. Actually, they have no authority. One could ignore them. Unfortunately the very bureaucracy that put them there, uses them to back up its treasonous policies and quote them when formulating these same policies. We all know the term – “independent research shows…” and then quote its chosen European Council on yada-yada.

The thing is, if I can see through this, why can’t others? Isn’t there one EU politician anywhere that will come out and say this publicly?

Any old how, I am glad that there is now a European Council for me. Confused? Well, just see who posted this blog!

Here’s the link to The European Council on Refugees and Exiles.


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