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Deportation of Illegals. Some Progress Being Made?

Posted by Exile on October 2, 2007

I keep my eye on the EU parliament press releases. Occasionally something crops up that is of some interest. The EU Parliament had a debate on the treatment of illegal immigrants round about the same time that I was in Brussels demonstrating my anger at these politicians who are hell bent on selling our European heritage to the forces of islam. I see immigration as the greatest threat to us. Illegal immigration is even worse. It is uncontrolled, unwanted, and costs me a fortune. And an open door to terrorists.
It would appear that the EU politicians are waking up to the idea, that we must stop this illicit trafficking of people and the enormous waste of money that is necessary to keep these uninvited guests in our homelands. Two press releases caught my eye, dated the 12th and 13th September respectively. Here are the opening paragraphs. Links are provided at the bottom of this blog.

Civil Liberties Committee substantially amends proposal on forced return of illegal immigrants.
Immigration – 12-09-2007 – 15:58

The Civil Liberties Committee on Wednesday voted over 200 binding amendments to a Commission proposal laying down common rules on the temporary custody and removal of illegal immigrants. . MEPs fixed a maximum “retention” (custody) period of 18 months and backed the use of coercive measures, case-by-case, to remove illegal immigrants or rejected asylum seekers. Returned immigrants may also be subject to an EU-wide re-entry ban.

The aim of the draft directive, which will be the first serious attempt to create an EU common policy on return, is to eliminate marked differences in how Member States deal with the expulsion of immigrants and establish “fair and transparent” common rules on voluntary return, removal orders, use of coercive measures, temporary custody and a re-entry ban, whilst ensuring respect for the human rights of the persons concerned. The rapporteur was Manfred Weber (EPP-ED, DE).

The future directive promotes the principle of voluntary return by establishing a general rule that a “period for departure” should normally be granted. MEPs stressed that such period should be of “at least 4 weeks”, unless a competent authority has objective reasons to believe the person will abscond.

And the second:

Civil Liberties MEPs back rules on return of migrants.
Justice and home affairs – 13-09-2007 – 16:50

Common rules for dealing with illegal immigration across the EU came a step closer on Wednesday with the adoption of a report on how to forcibly return illegal migrants. MEPs on the Civil Liberties Committee supported – with amendments – a proposed directive on the return of illegal migrants. They fixed a maximum period of 18 months of detention before individuals are deported. MEPs backed the use of coercion if needed and for each case to be treated on its individual merit.

The aim of the proposed piece of legislation is to put together common rules for dealing with the removal of illegal immigrants across the EU. At present there are sharp differences in how each state operates. Some countries have no rules whilst others impose a maximum limit of 32 hours detention.

Unaccompanied children cannot be detained or deported

The envisaged directive deals with procedures on how and who should be expelled. MEPs pushed successfully for those held in temporary custody to be also covered by this directive. In particular Members strove to ensure that medical assistance, family unity and education for children are all taken into account in each case.

With more and more children either arriving or being born in custody whilst in Europe, MEPs voted to prohibit the expulsion or detention of unaccompanied children. Those with serious medical problems will also have access to medical care – while no-one would be sent back to countries where their lives may be in danger.

In terms of the physical removal of people against their will the report urges that any force be proportional and that the human rights of the person should not be infringed.

Any attempt to set up a common set of rules is applaudable. However, the rules we have are not strict enough. There must be no discussion with these illegal immigrants. They come illegally to our lands and should be immediately returned. Not doing that merely encourages others to follow.
EU press release 12 September.
EU press release 13 September.

You can read more on the subject on the following webpage from the EU.



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