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Caveat Venditor – Let the Seller Beware

Posted by Exile on October 5, 2007

From the Saudi Gazette:

THE Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has released the jewelry salesman accused of touching the hand of a seven-year-old-girl while she was trying on a bracelet in the shop he works in, reported Arabic daily newspaper Al-Watan.

Jaber Aseeri, another salesman in the shop, said a client bought a bracelet for his youngest daughter, then asked the accused salesman to help her try it on. While the salesman was assisting the young girl, a commission member passing by the shop, walked in, asked the salesman to produce an ID then took him in.

Aisha Aseeri, a client who witnessed the incident, said she heard the commission member scolding the father for allowing the salesman to touch his daughter.

Aseeri said she did not see anything malicious with the assistance the salesman gave to the young girl, who cried hysterically when the salesman was pulled away by the commission member.

Shaker Al-Osaimi, spokesman for the Commission, cited other cases in the past when much younger girls had been molested.

Al-Osaimi added that parents can help fit bracelets to their children without the assistance of “strangers.”


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