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Getting Your Knickers in a Twist

Posted by Exile on October 5, 2007

Let’s face it, we menfolk don’t have that much fun. I mean the belly laugh type fun that we used to have when we were young and stupid. Times change, we get older and get serious. Wife, house, kids, career, bills and taxes. All these things are designed to occupy our time and interest and hasten us on our way to a life on the pension that we have also worked hard to accumulate. And by then, you’re worn out anyway and too old to take the road trip to the coast with your buddies and surf a weekend away. So you have to get a giggle where you can. I had one today.

Here in Denmark, we have an underwear company designing underwear for men. Their marketing is brilliant. The slogan says, “Men don’t want to look at naked men”, and so it’s the ladies that are the models and the underwear is merely a prop. The photos are great. Thought provoking. Unfortunately there are those that can’t see the joke. Like, for example, the Womens Society (which is probably a poor and definitely literal translation of the Danish “Kvidesamfund”) and the movement calling itself the “Porno Free Environment”. They both accuse the underwear company, JBS, of producing and displaying pornography.

If you visit JBS website you are greeted by pictures of lightly dressed, or is that lightly undressed, women sniffing mens underwear. A nurse, a nun(!), a secretary and a lassie in a french maids outfit. All good clean fun.forside2.jpg

But no. Not according to Lone Skov Al Awssi from the porno free group. She claims that the advertising is offensive to women, pornographic and directly damaging for todays youngsters perception of sexuality. I wonder, with a surname like Al Awassi, if anything not in a burkha isn’t all of that to this woman, but that may be another story.

forside1.jpgThe sales and marketing chief at JBS, also a woman by the way, is more than a little surprised at this reaction. Helle Skræddergaard says that the company doesn’t consider its advertising campaign to be pornographic and states that it is clearly directed at men from the ages of 17 to 35. (Not to mention us old geezers in their middle fifties.) They are, she says, more than capable of sorting out the seductive from the sleazy. I agree. Wholeheartedly. A half-bare boob isn’t going to deprave the youth of today any more than a visit to the local beach on a hot summer day will. And what the hell, a little sleaze never hurt anybody anyway!

By now you probably want to see what all the fuss is about, so here are the links:

JBS Webside

And if you want some of these pictures as wallpaper on your PC (that’s “Porno Collection”!) then go here and download them for free. I’m sure JBS won’t mind me writing them up here. After all, any publicity is good publicity.

One final twist in this tale. The consumer ombudsman is now looking at the campaign to decide whether or not it is in violation of the advertising codes.
Hopefully he’s a red-blooded type too.


3 Responses to “Getting Your Knickers in a Twist”

  1. Men said

    i love it 🙂

  2. yeah good sexy woman

    Well, yes. Glad you think so.. I suppose that was the intent.

  3. you have to admit that their ads are pretty original! but the catch is “men dont want to look at other men” kinda funny really, but funny.


    Agreed. Nice to have a lady commenter here.

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