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Asylum, Asylum – We’re All in the Asylum

Posted by Exile on October 8, 2007

Tom Stoppard writes for the Sunday Times. This week he is taking the British Home Office to task for its treatment of refugees from Darfur. He thinks that what is being done is wrong and couldn’t resist a little emotional pornography along the way. From his article;

One should spare a thought for the immigration officials. We pay them to keep the door shut but to open it discriminately, case by case. One of their rulings is that it’s OK to return Darfur refugees to Khartoum. Back in April this ruling was overturned in favour of the three Darfuris.
It’s not that the Home Office had a thing about these three individuals from Darfur. The “problem” for the Home Office is that there are about 300 more Darfuris in the same situation, and – potentially – the court’s decision opens the door to all of them. This is why on Thursday the lawyers will be asking the law lords to reverse the Court of Appeal.

Frankly, I hold with the lawyers.
Mr. Stoppard then pulls his trump card, the “It’s an outrage” card. The “Hear the irrefutable evidence” card.

The real issue is not about conditions in the camps, it’s about the beatings and torture. It’s about what happens on the ground in Khartoum when the British handcuffs are taken off the deportee, and when the British escorts hand their prisoner over to the Sudanese security officials.

At the Court of Appeal in April there was no ruling on that: the evidence available at the time was deemed insufficient.

No discussion here, thankyou. There is evidence. The beatings and torture are real. As quoted below, there are at least two, that have said so. He doesn’t name them though. I wonder why?

Since then, the evidence that has become available is ample and compelling, most particularly from two named individuals who made the long journey from the horrors of Darfur to Britain, and from Britain, in handcuffs, to Khartoum; and from Khartoum, by escape, to a place of safety where they told their stories . . . “The beatings and questions went on for days . . . I was bleeding everywhere, I was completely soaked in blood. They never let me use a toilet. The room was covered with my faeces and urine.” The beatings began before the British escorts were clear of the airport.

Well, well. How awful. Apparently not having been awarded asylum in the UK, which as we all know is a neighbouring country to Darfur, the two likely lads here have “escaped” yet again, to a more welcoming country, from whence they can tell their terrible tale which may influence the Home office and the courts as they go about their deliberations.
I sincerely hope not.
africa.jpg I would be the first to agree that what is going on in Darfur is atrocious. That the international community, i.e. the UN, has not hammered the resident government in Khartoum in the same manner that they have hammered Israel over the last sixty years or so, is disappointing to say the least. What is needed in Darfur is full military intervention in the form of invasion and the removal of the mad government of the Sudan. Anything else is a waste of time, money and life and resources.
What Mr. Stoppard is advocating is the complete removal of the population of that region. Which is apparently OK by him, as this would end the suffering of millions.
Fine. In a way he is right. If there is noone left to terrorise, then the terror will stop.
Having removed the Sudanese population to Europe, we can then move all the Zimbabweans, with the exclusion of Mugabe, all the poor Palestinians, all the Congolese, the Iraqis and the Ethiopeans, the inhabitants of the ivory coast and the central African states, old uncle Tom Cobley and all, so that, eventually, Europe is the only populated region east of the Atlantic.
Asylum? You betcha. And we’ll all be in it.

Mugabe will finally die and Bono and Tom can retire, happy men.

This may have its benefits. The real intelligent Europeans will move south and colonise the depopulated wasteland that is now Africa and take its immeasurable wealth of minerals and manufacture or produce something exportable to feed and provide for the now vastly overpopulated Europe and its bankrupt, starving, thousands of millions that have now descended into tribal and religious warfare. Of course, the New Africans will have to decide what to do with all the illegal immigrants flooding back to Africa once the social conditions and fiscal prosperity are seen to be improving down there, but hey, what the hell.
By then we will have a new Tom Stoppard to beat the drum for them.

Link: Tom Stoppard in The Sunday Times.


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