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SIOE vs. The Saudis

Posted by Exile on October 10, 2007

I have written earlier somewhere on this blog about the Saudi Human Rights Commission coming to Denmark to lecture western politicians about the way we mistreat and discriminate against our beloved muslim community and the atrocious conditions we keep them in, that we do not allow them to practise their faith and so on. Which is about as big a load of bullsh.. as one can find anywhere. Coming from a society that keeps women well and truly oppressed, a place where only Islam is allowed and all other faiths are illegal, where practising of them is punishable and leaving islam is fatal, a greater case of hypocrisy cannot be found.  A society that supports and finances terrorism, practises amputation, stoning and beheading is to come here and lecture us about our human rights management? What are our politicians thinking? Allowing this is tantamount to treason and should have been absolutely rejected at the first suggestion.

Now the good news. SIOE has decided that this is one step too far and intends to demonstrate at the conference on the three days (October 21-23) that the saudis are here. Not wishing to steal their thunder, I can only direct my readers to this post from SIOE.

Read it and rejoice. The resistance is growing. Anyone interested in joining the folks from SIOE can contact the organisation through the website.


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