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The Great EU Rip-Off

Posted by Exile on October 11, 2007

Three days ago, the UK Independence Party appointed a new treasurer. She is Mrs. Marta Andreasen and she was once employed in the EU as chief accountant. She was sacked by the EU for not being “loyal enough” to the EU after refusing to sign off on the 2001 accounts. They didn’t add up. That says a lot more about Mrs Andreasen than it does the EU. I am convinced that the whole system in Brussels is corrupt, both morally, legally and politically.

I picked this little story up on the UKIP website announcing the appointment but it got me thinking about something else entirely. Just how bad is the situation with the the EU accounting and where does my money go? I mean, I have to pay taxes which are diverted to that disgraceful organisation, why then am I not informed of the discrepencies that arise because of the mismanagement of funds? Who’s getting more than his or her fair share? Or are some of those funds dispensible? How much gets paid out in bribes? If our cash is not properly accounted for, it must go somewhere? Someone gets it, surely? Otherwise there would be a huge pile of cash somewhere just waiting to be used. Where’s the fraud? Because it is fraudulent. Money doesn’t just disappear off the books, it gets to go somewhere. So why aren’t we to be informed?

In 2005 an article appeared in the Times:money.gif

The audit found particular shortcomings in the EU’s two biggest areas of spending, farm subsidies and regional development. It also failed to approve the budget for the EU’s foreign policy, aid programme and internal policies, particularly its research programme. However, financial assistance to countries applying to join the EU was certified, as was the administration budget.

The report is highly embarrassing for the European Commission, which said that it was “sad” about the findings while insisting that it had made progress. The repeated failure of the EU budget to be approved leads to annual buck-passing, with the Commission blaming national governments for not taking responsibility for EU expenditure in their countries, and national governments blaming the Commission for not improving controls.

The European Commission is sad. Which says it all really, doesn’t it? So, everybody gets to blame everybody else and the finger pointing is still going on today, as it has for the past thirteen years. That’s right. The EU has not had its accounts approved for thirteen years. The BBC, for all its shortcomings, had this to say in 2003:

The European Union’s court of auditors has failed to give EU accounts a clean bill of health for the ninth year.

The court has criticised the system of accounting used by the European Commission and the way in which much of the 100bn euro annual budget is spent. The auditors can give assurance to less than 10% of the European Union’s annual budget for 2002, they say. The news came as European Commission President Romano Prodi faced a grilling over a multi-million dollar EU fraud.

Nine years up to 2003, two more to the 2005 article in the Times and they are still arguing over the faulty accounts for 2006. If this was a business or a corporation, they would be in the hands of the receivers by now. This is nothing short of disgraceful.

More disgraceful, is the fact that when the chief accountant refuses to sign off, he or she gets fired for not being loyal to the EU.

I think it may be time to fire the EU for its disloyalty to all of us.

In closing, I wish Mrs. Andreasen well in her new job. My congratulations to her on her new appointment.

The Times (2005)
BBC (2003)

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