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Danes not Toeing the Line?

Posted by Exile on October 14, 2007

I don’t normally put much credence to the popularity polls that circulate weekly in Denmark. The mood swings from right to left weekly and the information they impart is generally wrong if not directly misleading. Jyllands Posten’s little brother, the Copenhagen Post, has published the results of two polls this weekend. I can only hope that they are accurate and that the information here is correct.

On Turkey entering the EU:

A new poll shows that a majority of voters are odds with parliament over whether Turkey should join the EU.
Nearly 60 percent of Danish voters oppose Turkish membership in the European Union, according to a recent Rambøll/Jyllands-Posten poll. The 58.5 percent of those responding against Turkey’s admission was a 3 percent increase since the same poll was taken in June.
With only 30 percent of voters supporting Turkey’s bid to become an EU member, parliament appears to have little popular backing for its position that Turkey should be allowed to join if it fulfils all the requirements for membership.
Among political parities with representatives in parliament, only the nationalist Danish People’s Party is against Turkish EU membership.

On a referendum concerning the EU’s disgraceful atttempt to force us all into a constitution that thas been rejected previously by both France and The netherlands and is now re-written as the “Reform Treaty”.

A majority of Danish voters want a referendum on the new EU treaty – probably because they have no idea what is in it.
The day before the most recent version of the new European Union’s reform treaty will be debated in parliament, a new Gallup/Berlingske Tidende polls finds that over half the population is in favour of holding a referendum on its acceptance.
In addition, 42 percent are still uncertain how they feel about the new constitution and have not decided which way they would vote should there be any referendum.
A full 54 percent of Danes indicated they believe a popular vote on the treaty should be held. Most, 35 percent, say they would vote for the treaty, while 23 percent said they would vote against. The rest were undecided.

I disagree with the first statement in the above. I believe the Danes do know what the treaty involves. The last government edition given out concerning the constitution was one of the most popular ever. The new reform treaty is merely the old “constitution” written into the two original treaties that form the (legal) basis of the EU. There is more to read, but the story is still the same.

Power to the people. No to Turkey and the EU reform treaty.

Links: Copenhagen post:
EU Reform Treaty


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