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Redefining the Condition

Posted by Exile on October 15, 2007

One of my must-reads is the Gates of Vienna. I admit that it was reading that blog, that got me interested enough to start blogging in the first place, so I owe them a debt of gratitude. On my nightly forage through the pages of GoV I discovered this comment from 1n;

Somewhere, I found the following comment — as it expresses my opinion, I collected it. The suggestion is sound — what do you think?
– – – – –
“I’m fed up with the misuse of the word phobia. If someone has no rational point for disagreement with me, they toss ‘phobe’ on the end of a word and hurl it at me during the discussion. For some reason this passes as intellectual ammo in today’s sound bite world. A ‘phobia’ is defined as a pathological fear of something or someone. It is irrational in nature and spurs unreasonable thought or action in the suffering individual. My informed disapproval or rejection of a stated action or idea does not make me a ‘phobe’ of any stripe or color simply because someone repeatedly screams it. I’m going to suggest a new word here: Islamomisos.
This should replace ‘Islamophobia’, which suggests ‘fear’ of Islam.
I have no ‘fear’ of Islam and will NOT submit. Rather, I detest it. The word is constructed of (of course) ‘Islam’, in reference to the obvious, and the Greek root word meaning ‘hatred’, which is ‘misos’. So the definitions should be something like this:

Islamomisos – detest or hatred of Islam
Islamomisoic – One who detests or hates Islam.

thinker.jpgWhoever he is quoting here has my full agreement. I too, am absolutely fed up with being told I am phobic about something of which I am not actually afraid. I detest Islam, I don’t fear it. And as for muslims? Well, pity is more the feeling than hatred. They are victims of their own making and will be so until islam is destroyed or, at least, moderated to fit modern thinking.
I must take the new words this guy suggests up for a little revision. “Islamomisos” needs extension. “Islamomisosis” would be more acceptable. The extension implies a condition. “Islamomisoic” is thoroughly acceptable.

In the politically correct world, through which we have to navigate, I would like to be properly accused for my attitudes, not merely insulted for them. Which is why I welcome this idea of creating a word to cover how I feel and what I feel. Fear is not on the register here, detestation is. I am no etymologist, but I can appreciate the difference between Latin based or Greek based words. I am not phobic, I am misoic. The origins do not bother me too much, the general meaning of a word is what gets it used and noticed.

I’m all for this. I think we should start to use it and roll back the idea that we are phobic. It would also disarm the leftists among us by robbing them of one of their favourite buzzwords so often used to denigrate our standpoint. It would also point out to them, that we are not afraid of islam, simply that we don’t like it and we feel it should be struck from the record of human history. To call us all irrationally afraid is an insult. To reiterate the quote above; “My informed disapproval or rejection of a stated action or idea does not make me a ‘phobe’ of any stripe or color simply because someone repeatedly screams it.” How very true.

If nothing else, it will confuse the left.

They will have to rethink the insult market. As for me, I’m quite happy to call myself islamomisoic.

Islamomisoic and proud of it. What about the rest of you out there? Or are you content to be phobes?


One Response to “Redefining the Condition”

  1. Ann-Marie said

    Agree with you 100% although I was hoping I was the one coming up with the word.

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