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Newton’s Third Law – Revisited

Posted by Exile on October 19, 2007

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

newton.pngLet’s examine that scientific gem for a second or two.

OK. We’re in Amsterdam. A muslim “youth” runs into a police station and stabs two policewomen. One policewoman is not so badly injured that she can’t draw her weapon and shoots the youth, killing him on the spot, before he can attack anyone else.

Subsequently, muslim “youths” in Amsterdam go on the rampage, smashing property and burning flags and cars.

What would have happened, if a white Dutch “youth” stabbed two imams, and was then killed before he could attack anybody else?

Methinks, subsequently, white Dutch “youths” in Amsterdam would not go on the rampage, smashing property and burning flags and cars.

However, muslim “youths” in Amsterdam would, again, go on the rampage, smashing property and burning flags and cars.

Now, isn’t that strange? I’ll bet old Isaac is scratching his head over that one.


One Response to “Newton’s Third Law – Revisited”

  1. mchallen said

    Greetings Exile,

    Definitely tracking with you on issues. Two of which I seek your permission to re-publish on my site, Recovered Liberal. You would have complete credits under “exile” or any other name you wish; a link to your site and/or email.

    The two I refer to are, your most recent about muslim youths which so clearly illustrates the lunacy of not only some of our Islamo-fascist friends, and the mush-for-brains “PC” crew, the lemmings of the left, who populate the powerful liberal ranks. These souls represent a segment of our target demographic; and, the “It’s Not Easy being Green” piece.

    As I scan with one eye the titles of your work, I’m complelled to bow and chant ‘not worthy’ – – – I like your work very much and look forward to reading more.

    Please let me know at your convenience.


    Readers: I have since visited the website belonging to this commenter. Well worth a visit and I recommend that you do. http://www.recoveredliberal.com I have e-mailed mchallen and granted my permission.

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