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The Arrogance of Being Gordon Brown

Posted by Exile on October 19, 2007

Gordon Brown is drawing my fire today. I am amazed at his remarks reported in The Times concerning the intelligence of the British public. As far as I can see, he is calling them simpletons, unable to read the reform treaty. He is also hinting at the way forward to the ratification of this infamous treaty. I believe that the British will now be bombarded by months of pro-treaty propaganda and will hear little of the negative effects of any eventual ratificatation. He would rather not see the treaty go to a referendum. How do I reach this conclusion? Well, one simple remark in the Times says it all, reporting on how Gordon Brown briefed his Cabinet colleagues on Tuesday;

He told them that “months of detailed examination will dampen Eurosceptics’ opposition while demonstrating that the document is too complex to be decided by referendum”.

“Months of detailed examination”. Read; Months of pro-treaty political activity and persuasive press coverage.
“Demonstrating that the document is too complex to be decided by referendum”. Read: We’ll show the British public that they are too stupid to decide for themselves.

One has to compare that with the statement later in the article:

Speaking before the start of formal talks on the document, Mr. Brown effectively destroyed any remaining hopes that it could be put to a referendum, insisting that it did not represent “fundamental change”.

Double talk? I think so. On the one hand Brown says this document is too complex to be decided by referendum and then insists that it does not represent a fundamental change. Then tell me, why is it so complex? Surely, if it means no fundamental change to the British society as a whole, then it must be a simple enough document to be read by everybody. And if not, then why not?
Perhaps the fundamental change he is referring to, is the wording from the rejected constitution and the wording of the reform treaty. There is no fundamental change there.

“Let’s now have the debate in the country,” he said. “That will be reflected in a very substantial number of days in the Houses of Parliament and people can judge for themselves whether the British national interest has been protected.”

Not really saying what he means, is he? He is really saying, “We’ll talk about this in parliament, make our minds up in that house and to hell with what the people of Britain think of British interests, because we aren’t going to ask them anyway. We’ll tell them what we want them to know and think, inform them of our findings and then ratify the treaty”.

And that is despite the fact, that a majority of Britons want a referendum. Gordon Brown probably dismisses that as an unworthy demand from the stupid people too. So he intends to ignore it.

The treaty must be ratified by every member state and EU leaders want to complete this process by January 1, 2009, when the High Representative — the new EU foreign minister — is expected to be appointed.

Link: The Times

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