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You Can Have ’em, We Don’t Want ’em

Posted by Exile on October 20, 2007

Here’s a new development in the “poor people permanently living in a reception centre for asylum seekers” case that has been the focus of a bitter political debate for the last month. Iraq has repeatedly refused to take its citizens back. 21 times, in fact. They don’t want them either. I wonder why?

mogenslykketoft.jpgThe latest attack on the present government in Denmark comes from one of its leading opponents and front figures in the last socialist government, Denmarks most dangerous man, Mogens Lykketoft. He claims that the present Minister for Integration (what integration?) has been misleading the Danish parliament by claiming that the government is still in dialogue with the Iraqis and that that dialogue is “good and constructive “. Lykketoft explains that the arguement is baseless and has been used for too long in keeping the rejected asylum seekers where they are. In the reception centres. One is forced to ask, are all those failed asylum seekers still in the reception centres from Iraq?


Frankly, I dont care. They can leave any time they wish.

It is a little disconcerting, that Lykketoft should come out with this now. After all, it was the non-existent stance of the last socialist government on refugees and asylum seekers that brought them down. During that catastrophic open door period under the auspices of the Social Democrats, Denmark was swamped by immigrants of both the legal and illegal type, asylum seeking losers that came for the handouts, genuine refugees and just about anything else that could cross the borders. They were allowed to do so, unopposed, and amply rewarded for doing just that. All this was, of course, funded by my tax money and against the will of the people. And it is because of this that we now have to look over our shoulders every day to find and hinder the would be terrorists that he, Lykketoft, and his cronies let into the country under the name of multiculturalism. The then Prime Minister, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen went on to greater things in the (you guessed it) EU parliament, leaving Lykketoft to sulk and retire to the back benches. He has since risen to the office of shadow spokesman for foreign affairs. God forbid, that he ever holds office again.

Those people that are now languishing, at public expense, in the reception centres are there by their own choice. They have had the legal process, have had their chance to explain their case and have failed to convince anybody that they are legitimate refugees or that they are persecuted in their home lands. If nothing else, they should be returned to the last port of call before Denmark. Be that Germany or Sweden or wherever. They had to pass through some other European country to get here, unless they had the cash enough to pay for air tickets. Why didn’t they stop there? Could it be, that the more than generous benefits available in Denmark had something to do with it?

The message here is simple and has to be sent to all the would be economic refugees all over the world: Don’t come to Denmark. We’re too good at weeding you out and we don’t want you here. Go elsewhere. Denmark is full up.

In a country of only 5½ million, we have done more than enough already.


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