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Election Blues

Posted by Exile on October 26, 2007

48 hours ago, the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, announced that a parliamentary election will be held on November 13th. Parliament was, as tradition demands, immediately adjourned but the government has not retired or resigned. It will go to the elections as a collective government, in power, and expects to win.

I firmly hope that it does so. The economic disaster that would follow in the wake of a left wing victory would force me to consider leaving this country. My taxes, which are already too high by my reckoning, will go skyward to repay the loans that the leftists would have to take to deliver on all their pie in the sky promises of better welfare, more money for the idle and self imposedly impoverished, the increased immigration and a return to open door policies concerning all the poor “refugees” that live in countries where their governments won’t pay for them to live as we do, for doing as little as possible and expecting the ultimate in personal happiness, at public expense. The third world’s get-rich-quick plan.

The real misery that we will face in the next two and a half weeks, is the constant and persistent lying. We are about to be bathed in misinformation, disinformation, mudslinging, defamation of character and truth, empty and vaccuous promises and the propagation af direct untruths.
Election fever is already the top topic in the press which publish whatever nonsense and prevaracation they prefer for public consumption for the day. There is no objectivity in the Danish press. Popularity polls will be published daily, all misleading, and comparisons to the left and right blocs of Danish politics will be made almost hourly.

The truth is, that all this activity rarely changes the state of affairs in any land. Those that vote one way or the other often do so because of their upbringing and not because of any political conviction. How do I reach that conclusion? Well, quite simply because a lot of those that own their house, have two cars and have a good job with a reasonably high income after tax, still vote left. Why? Dad and Mum did. That Dad and Mum grew up in rented council accomodation and had to work 60 hours a week for a pittance and had to walk 30 miles to school in the snow and frost with no overcoat to keep them warm and shoes that were hand me downs from the older six children in the family, have little to do with it. But hey, if Dad and Mum said the answer was social democratism, then thats good enough for their kids. There is little objectivity among them, too.

There is a broad and sizeable group of “don’t knows” in Denmark. I would expect them to be amongst the new young voters out there. I may be wrong, because Denmark is after all, the land of eternal, non-confrontational, all encompassing compromise. The term “millimeter democracy” was coined here. This means that minorities, no matter how small, are singled out for special attention and are allowed priveledges, that exceed the good of the majority, in the name of democracy. If you consider yourself to belong to a particular minority, be that what it may, then you merely have to shop around. After all, there are about nineteen parties to choose from in this land of 5½ million. Someone, somewhere, will have you on their priority list. Proportional representation? It started here.

We have communists allied with religious fanatics. We have conservatives that condone handouts. We have a peoples party that embraces both left and right principles when considering immigration and care of the old and infirm. Their attitudes are equal and opposite on both issues.

Standby all of you. Denmark is involved in contemplating its collective navel for the next two weeks and three days. Don’t expect anything from us during that period. We’re all busy either blowing our own trumpets or selling our souls while convincing ourselves, that democracy is in progress and going about its business.


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