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Comments on the Last Week in the EU

Posted by Exile on October 28, 2007

I can’t help commenting on the EU’s deliberations during the last week. Here is a short extract, with my comments added, from the EU´s press round up. Hopefully, others can see the madness of Brussels too.

During the debate on the new Reform Treaty MEPs were agreed that it would produce a more democratic, transparent and efficient EU.

Members also discussed draft proposals for the EU’s 2008 budget and called for an increase of funding for the European satellite navigation system, Galileo. The hemicycle Chamber also saw a debate on a proposed “blue card” system for highly skilled immigrants to the European Union.

The reform treaty, the budget and the new blue card for immigrants of the more highly skilled class. Here goes:

The agreement reached by government leaders on 18 October will give birth to the new Lisbon Treaty, to be signed on 13 December.

The EU budget for 2008 was debated in the afternoon, through 2 reports. In its draft report, Parliament’s Budget Committee seeks to increase the overall amount of the Council’s draft budget. The most significant increases of EU budget would be for Galileo (navigation system by satellite) and aid for Palestine and Kosovo.

The reform treaty. It is to have a new name. It will be called the Lisbon Treaty in the future. The Europoliticians have agreed on the content and, notice please, it is to be signed, (read “ratified” by the parliaments of all the member states) on the 13th of December. They do not see anyone daring to hold a referendum on it, anywhere. It will be signed. They said so. There is to be no discussion amongst the people of Europe. We are not to be consulted about our views on giving up our national identities or, indeed, on handing legal power over to the EU’s new supranational state, even though this was rejected two years ago in two seperate national referenda.

The budget. It is worth mentioning here again, that the EU’s accounts have not balanced once in the last thirteen years. And yet; “The most significant increases of EU budget would be for.. aid for Palestine and Kosovo.” Like, they aren’t getting enough already? I don’t support Palestine. I don’t wish to pour my money into the Jihad, the destruction of Israel or the destruction of Europe. And Kosovo can go and whistle dixie for all I care. What about increasing the aid offered to our old and infirm citizens in Europe? That would be a better target for improvement. Definitely more worthy of my involuntarily paid tax-funded monetary support.

And the final insult to our intelligence:

In the course of the day, attention also focused on the proposed blue card system for highly skilled workers from outside the EU, recently presented in a Commission press conference. The rapporteur on immigration Manfred Weber (EPP-ED) said “the new rules must not put additional pressure on the millions of unemployed in the EU member states”.

docosama.jpgOh. More of those highly skilled jihadi doctors perhaps? Sudanese construction engineers? Palestinian explosives experts? There are millions of unemployed in Europe already, yet we are to import more immigrants. How damned stupid is that? We have illegal immigrants pouring into Europe, adding to the unemployed, but we need to import more from the third world. And just what pressures are there on these unemployed millions? Apart from the growing pressure from the indigenous European citizens who would like to see them all leave. Perhaps, if we expelled all those that came here, we could employ our own people. The red card would be more appropriate.
But having the audacity to tell me that we need more immigrants to work in Europe and yet have Manfred Weber tell me what I already know, (that there are millions of unemployed already in the EU) in the same breath, is as disgusting as it is insulting.

And we have to pay for this? Jesus, Mary and Joseph on a bike! Unbelievable.


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