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Return to Sender

Posted by Exile on October 30, 2007

Here is a litle story that almost went under the radar. Last february, a prisoner at the Guantanamo facility was released into Danish custody after almost two years on the island. He has adopted a Danish name and has a Danish passport. At some point after his release into Danish custody he was interviewed by the press, sympathised with by the loony left and enjoyed a little time in the spotlight. He said then, that he wanted to go to Tjetchnya and fight for the muslims there. Apparently, he had learned nothing from fighting for them in Pakistan, which is where he was taken prisoner, and was ready to take up arms again. Which makes me wonder why on earth he was released in the first place and why did the Danish authorities, or was it the Danish left wingers, put up so much of a diplomatic fight to get him released.

slime.jpgTjechnya didn’t want him. His fame quickly faded and reality has to start somewhere. And so it was, that Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane, which is his real name, became a postal worker in Denmark. He became a postman. Walking the streets a free man and distributing mail from house to house. Now, I thought one needed a clean police record to be a postman but, well, you know, integration and all that… After all, the man had been terribly mistreated and tortured by the evil yankees for two years and we all know that they can’t be trusted when they say they have an illegal combatant / terrorist / islamist insurgent on their hands. Even if he was captured on the battlefield and expresses the wish to go and “fight for the muslims” again on being returned to his “homeland”. Poor innocent victim of birth and nationality and religion and so on, just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nice chap really, once you get to know him.

Well, no. Not really. What did he do with his new found freedom, his new job and all? He used it to steal credit cards and PIN numbers for those cards as they went out in the post, and used them to the tune of 114,000 Danish Crowns. He also stole passports.
It doesn’t really end there either. Our friend Slimy here, has a past record with the police intelligence services. He was known to be a courier for the Algerian terror organisation, GSPC which is known today as Al Queda in the Mahgreb. So where did the passports and money go?
Slimy has been sentenced to only ten months in prison here. I think it should be much longer. In fact I think we should send him back to Guantanamo for as long as it pleases the Americans to question him. And then hand him over to Russia so they can find out what he knows about the Tjetchens. Not that I have any sympathy with the Russians, but I have even less for Slimy. The Russians probably wouldn’t just send him back here when they’re finished with him either. Nudge, nudge.

Slimy had nothing to say in court. In fact, he hasn’t even spoken with his defence lawyers since he was arrested in August. He has, however, explained to an American TV network, that he has strong Islamic views and his only regret in life is, that he was taken prisoner in Pakistan and sent to Gitmo.

I repeat: Why on earth did the leftist politicians make such a fuss over this piece of crap? Was this really something we wanted Denmark to be associated with? The man wasn’t born in this country and has no loyalty to it. Who was served well by his release?
Not me, not the people he stole from, not the people who are now threatened by others using real, but criminally obtained, Danish passports, and least of all, not Denmark.
10 months behind bars is all he got. Not nearly enough.

Wanna bet, that before too long, some lefty political asshole declares that he is the victim of some post torture trauma, caused by being at Gitmo, and should be released early?

Time to start getting tough. Enough of this pussyfooting around. Send this bastard back to Algeria. And all the others like him.

2 Responses to “Return to Sender”

  1. JJ said

    Most pinheads in power just do not get it yet. Whatever the world thinks about George Bush…HE GETS IT.

  2. Mike Smith said

    To answer your question….a lot of inmates were taken illegally, without sufficient proof that they were terrorists. After years of torture and degredation, the first thing they did after being released (since NO links to terrorism were found), was to take up arms against those who imprisoned and tortured them, for revenge. The right does not want to accept that and will conveniently claim that they were terrorists to begin with and look, we told you so…

    Nope. Completely disagree. This man was taken prisoner on the field of battle and continued to attack us even after his release. He means us no good. And he never did.

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