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Meet My Teddy Bear

Posted by Exile on November 29, 2007

unbranded-colby-teddy-bear.jpgHe’s called Muhammed.

Anybody got a problem with that?

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French Foreign Legions

Posted by Exile on November 28, 2007

The streets of Paris and Toulouse are once again being attacked, vandalised and burned by rioting youths of no explicitly stated origin or religion according to the usual MSM reports we are receiving here in Denmark. The reason? It appears two criminal youngsters, equally non-descript with regard to religion or ethnicity, stole and rode away on a scooter, crashed it into a police car which wasn’t chasing them and died as a result of their injuries. Serves ’em right, you might say. Had they not stolen someone elses property and gone joyriding then it would never have happened and they would be alive today. The guy to blame is the incompetent idiot that had control of the throttle and steering, doubtlessly cheered on by his equally criminal chum on the pillion.

The reaction of hundreds , if not thousands of youths and the total lack of information in the Danish press as to who they may be, leads me to only one conclusion. This is a new muslim onslaught against France. We saw it weeks ago, the same reaction, in Amsterdam in Holland. The reaction is not typical of the white European youth. White Europeans kids don’t go on the rampage over something like this. And until the press comes out with the truth as to who these youngsters really are, I am sticking to my opinion. Had it been white European youngsters then we would have heard it already. But we all know that because it isn’t white European youngsters, then no ethnicity will be referred to by the press anywhere. Reading between the lines was never any easier than it is today.

The interesting thing is how the French authorities will react now. Sarkozy has called some of his ministers in to a quick conference on what is to be done but, as of yet, I have not heard of any great plans or moves to stop the violence. But I’m pretty sure the French are getting very tired of it.
With as many as 77 police officers injured in the fighting yesterday, the police don’t seem to be able to stop it. I presume the army will not be mobilised yet.
But, sooner or later, that may have to be an option to consider. After all, what is happening in France now is as close to the start of a civil war as we are likely to get. The damage has only been collateral now, but how would you feel if it was your car or business that was destroyed by these rampaging, and probably foreign, youngsters?

I don’t know about you, but I’d buy a shotgun and stock up with double x shells. If the government could no longer protect me, or my property, then I’d consider protecting myself and my belongings. I wonder how many Parisians feel the same?

C’est la Guerre.

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Criminal Activity

Posted by Exile on November 25, 2007

It may come as a surprise to some to learn, that in Denmark, with a population of around five and a half million, we have a total police force of only eleven thousand officers.
These brave few have been pretty busy lately if one is to believe the recent order to the police here. They have been told to make fewer arrests.

keycop2.jpgA logjam in the criminal justice system has means that police will be making fewer arrests in the weeks to come. People caught committing certain criminal offences over the next few weeks might find the police handing them a get out of jail free card. City police officials have asked officers to make fewer arrests while the legal justice system processes a backlog of cases.

This comes as a bit of a surprise to me. I feel the police aren’t doing enough on the streets as it is, and now they are being told to let the criminals among us to go free?

This is bordering on the ridiculous. We don’t have enough police, but those that we do have are being stopped by a lacking justice system? The answer must be simple. Increase the amount of judges and drop the bureaucratic bullshit. But does it stop there?

If one looks at the situation from a different angle, we are either over-policed or the whole country is turning to crime as a hobby or source of income.

Within the past three weeks, I have spoken to two people whose relatives have been attacked and mugged. The police offer no real chance of finding the perpetrators. Even though they do have descriptions. House broken into and burgled? Well, take it up with your insurance company. The police won’t even bother to come round and see the place. Car stolen?. Insurance company again. Probability is, that your car is on its way east and will never be found. Unless you are really lucky and someone spots it in a parking lot somewhere and reports it after days of looking at it. By then it’ll be stripped and vandalised anyway. Which is tough if you don’t have a comprehensive insurance which will replace the vehicle. Most don’t.

‘Right now, the district attorney’s office is overburdened,’ police spokesperson Per Larsen told TV2. ‘If we continue to add to the pile, we’ll never get through them all.’
Larsen said the situation forced the police to ‘think carefully’ about what arrests they made. Crimes less likely result in time behind bars include traffic violations, drug dealing and organised crime.

Less likely to result in time behind bars? How it can become less likely is beyond me. It isn’t likely now.

It is rare that one goes to jail for a traffic violation. The Danish system of fining anyone for driving a car even mildly disturbing to a police officer is extremely well developed and used as a real earner for the state. Ask any Danish driver. We’re all potential criminals on the roads here.

On the other hand, narcotics are already freely available on the streets, gangs of immigrant youngsters run riot whenever they please, certain areas of our towns are no-go for whites after dark and rape and murder gets carried out in the middle of cities unnoticed. At least, at the time of being commited. Armed robbery, burglary and home invasion is on the rise. So just who are the police arresting to overburden the legal system? Must be all us motorists.

Beats the hell out of me.

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Three out of Four Ain’t Bad

Posted by Exile on November 23, 2007

Denmark finds three would-be terrorists guilty.

It took a while, but finally we got a result. The courts in Denmark have found three out of four men accused of conspiring to commit a terrorist act, guilty as charged. The fourth man was cleared of the charges but I am certain that he will remain the focus of attention for the police intelligence team that grabbed them. Sentencing will be caried out probably by the end of the day. The chief prosecutor is hoping for sentences of up to 14 years incarceration.
As the Copenhagen Post reports:

After hearing evidence for nearly 12 weeks, it took a jury less than a day’s worth of deliberation to find three men guilty of planning an act of terrorism.

Two of the three men convicted, as well as the defendant who was acquitted, have roots in Middle Eastern countries. The third is a Danish convert to Islam.

I can only hope that the third convicted man gets a harder time of it than his cohorts. In my opinion, he should also be tried for treason against the Danish state and people. Of these three, he is the most loathsome in that he is a Dane by birth and would kill his own countrymen in an act of religious fanaticism and war.
This post may be updated as the sentencing comes in.


The two men, Ahmad Khaldhahi and Mohammad Zaher, each received 11 years in prison. Abdallah Andersen (he’s the Dane) got 4 years.
Ahmad Khaldhahi will be deported, with no right of return to Denmark, after serving his sentence.

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In My E-mail.

Posted by Exile on November 19, 2007

I found this in my e-mail box on returning home today. I thought I might share it with those who aren’t hooked up like I am. What follows below, is the entire e-mail with an interesting link at the end. Another grass roots organisation with a beef about Europe? The resistance is growing.


“A reform treaty deserving its name would naturally have been greeted with an overwhelming public accolade.”

In a speech for the Amigo Society in Brussels on November 6, Carl-Johan Westholm, the founder of the Free Europe Constitution, presented his views:
What kind of mentality reigns, when in our modern democratic time, efforts prevail to keep decisions about the EU aloof from the people? Of course, you can say that we have representative democracy in our European countries; therefore referenda are not suitable. This would have been a more valid argument, if referenda had not been held earlier about what is on the whole the same proposal.

The reason is evident. We all know why. If there would be new referenda, the majority in at least some countries would probably vote No. The Lisbon Treaty (once the Reform Treaty) would be dead.

It is strange that a proposal said to be so necessary for the future of Europe should be enforced without seeking the enthusiastic consent of the people. A reform treaty deserving its name would naturally have been greeted with an overwhelming public accolade.

The explanation can only be one. The leading politicians give a higher priority to get the Lisbon Treaty enacted than to get it approved by the people. Sooner or later, it will be accepted as a fact, this is the guess. The political risk for the Treaty proponents of avoiding referenda is considered less than the risk of having referenda.

Maybe this is, on the whole, not strange at all. It is common sense, politics as usual. Yes, it could be seen so. The explanation, however, is not to be found in the world today, or only in Europe. We must go back in history. We will find a Triangle with three well known terms and concepts – but their intricate relations and interplay are seldom recognized with clarity. On the contrary, the vagueness has for the last two centuries been fatal for freedom and democracy.

However, in darkness, dark forces thrive. The most eager European leaders, wanting to speed up the process towards a “United Europe” – not divided, and not a super-state but in any case “united” – can with their smartness fool themselves and mobilise populist movements by giving them simple proof of how manipulating and bureaucratic the so called European project is. Newspeak and condemnations, a kind of political exorcism, cannot always stop political extremism.

Read the whole speech “The Triangle that explains Europe” at http://www.stateblind.eu/articles.php?view=187
http://www.FreeEurope.info is a private, positive initiative. It is a contribution to a widening public agenda in Europe. It is independent from parties and organizations. It is the first possibility for all Europeans and their friends worldwide to have a common say about the future path of European affairs. Astonishing, fascinating, and promising.

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Pat Condell’s Latest

Posted by Exile on November 15, 2007

See this: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ead_1195057244

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pat this angry before. Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me embed the video clip, so follow the link instead.

I’m off to Prague for a well deserved weekend of quiet debauchery and tourism. Take care until I get back.

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Who Let the Animals In?

Posted by Exile on November 14, 2007

A terrible story is not getting enough press coverage in this post election Denmark. I found a great write up on the Western Resistance blog concerning the 9-day imprisonment and torture of a 19 year old christian girl by her muslim Lebanese boyfriend. What happened to her is, to say it mildly, horrendous.

She escaped and is now being looked after by both medical staff and police. He is under arrest. His family, who live and work nearby, deny any knowledge of the goings on. Of course.

The question must be asked; Who let this animal wander freely on the streets? And who in blazes let him into this country in the first place?

I suppose another question has to be asked too; How on earth did she get involved with a swine like this?

The mind boggles.

Link: Western Resistance. 

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Me and the Extremists

Posted by Exile on November 12, 2007

I am going to visit Prague this weekend. The trip has been planned for some time now as I promised myself a year or so ago, that I would go back and see the old city again. I enjoyed my last visit and never really saw enough of it to be satisfied. It is a beautiful city and there is more to see than one can in a weekend. I am glad I chose the coming weekend and not the previous one. Why? Well, the streets of Prague were a bit busy last saturday;

Neo-Nazis trying to march through the Jewish quarter of Prague on Saturday clashed with self-proclaimed antifascists, and at least 250 people were arrested in outbreaks of violence around the capital.

Police also seized weapons including a gas gun, axes and sticks at scattered sites as the extremists tried to reach the Jewish quarter, police spokesman Ladislav Bernasek said. The march had been scheduled to take place just a day after the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the 1938 night of terror when the Nazis attacked synagogues and Jewish homes and businesses throughout Germany and parts of Austria.
The march was banned, and about 1,400 policemen were deployed in the capital, including riot police and officers on horses. Equipped with armored vehicles and water cannons, they sealed off most of the historic Jewish quarter. In a major clash downtown, a group of about two dozen neoNazis was attacked by self-proclaimed antifascists who said [they) were in the streets to prevent the march, Bernasek said.

Jewish leaders and Czech politicians condemned the planned march as an insult to the victims of the Holocaust. Hundreds of Jews and others gathered in the historic Jewish quarter to commemorate the Nazi pogrom, protest the march and be ready, if it went ahead, to prevent it from going through the Jewish quarter.
About 50 left-wing extremists attacked police with cobble stones in another area. A total of more than 250 people were detained around the city, including 10 German-speaking left-wing extremists armed with sticks, Bernasek said.

At least CBS got it right here. Both the fascist and the antifascist is described as being extremist. Because they are. We simply don’t hear enough about left wing extremism, but it exists and is alive and well. Ask Anders Gravers of SIOE. He suffered an attempt on his life at the last SIOE demonstration here in Denmark. The antifascist here calls himself an autonome, an anarchist.
I can defend neither fascist nor antifascist. Neither nazism nor anarchism. Both are equally vile and equally prepared to use violence to further their cause.

I was, however, glad to read that the local Jewish population was equally prepared to resist the marching nazi brigades and defend the beautiful old Jewish quarter, Josefov.

Read more from CBS News here.

Another demonstration that turned violent last weekend was held in Gaza. Followers of the Fatah movement came out to to mark the three year date for the death of Yassir Arafat, the 10th of November. The inevitable clashes between Fatah supporters and Hamas supporters resulted in gun battles on the streets and hospitals were reporting between 60 and 100 wounded and unknown numbers of dead. Which could be few or many depending on how one reads that information. I found a note that indicates 5 to 8 deaths.

It may be unfair to compare Prague with Gaza, but the mentality of those involved is roughly the same. You’re wrong, we’re right and we’ll kill you to prove it.

Thinking back to the 9th of September this year in Brussels, I find it difficult to believe that the press called all of those who turned up to protest the islamisation of Europe, extremists. We were also met by mounted police, water canons and armoured police vehicles. None of which were needed or used.
Looking at the two incidents above, with the weapons, the violence that ensued, the loss of life and the way in which the police were attacked in Prague, how does the peaceful demo that was planned for Brussels compare? None of us were armed, none of us were going there for a fight. Yet we were called extremists by just about every press organ that reported the demo.

I offer the above as proof, I am no extremist.

At least, not yet.

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Zanzibar Gets it Right

Posted by Exile on November 11, 2007

Here is an article I found on a website calling itself “Muslim News”, attached to http://www.zanzibar-web.com

I have provided a link at the bottom of this post if anyone is interested in seeing more.

Four Muslim clerics have been expelled from Zanzibar for preaching hatred against Christianity, a government official said Saturday, the first time such an expulsion has been ordered in nearly 15 years.

Fadhil Soraga, a secretary to the Zanzibari government’s department of religious affairs, said four imams had had their preaching permits canceled and been expelled from the semiautonomous Zanzibar islands. They had been sent to mainland Tanzania, he said.
Abdula Aziz Kassim, Ali Francis, Said Mketo and Ali Sylvester were previously Christians, but converted to Islam and were preaching a sermon they called “The truth of Christianity versus Islam”.

Soraga said the four had been preaching hatred and insulted other religions in the islands, which are 98 percent Muslim.

In mainland Tanzania, the population is about equally divided among Christians, Muslims and those who follow traditional religions.

“The government can’t tolerate that (preaching) to continue because it may create religious tension, and animosity in our society,” said Soraga.
He added that the government’s decision to expel the four was prompted by complaints from the public.

“There’s no verse in Quran saying Muslims should attack other religions or different believers. That’s where they got it wrong,” said Soraga.

The four clerics were not immediately available for comment.

Zanzibar had previously expelled one cleric, Kurwa Shauri, to mainland Tanzania in 1993. Kurwa was preaching against tourists and in favor of the introduction of Islamic government in Zanzibar.

The Zanzibari government, which relies on tourism as a key foreign exchange earner, has an uneasy truce with hardline Muslims on such issues as the introduction of Islamic law, or tolerance of Western tourists, who some imams say pollute the Islamic heritage of Zanzibar.

If they can deport these hate mongerers, why can’t we?

Muslim news.

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MCB Accuses UK of Nazism

Posted by Exile on November 11, 2007

The Muslim Council of Britain has been out and about during the weekend in the form of its leader, Dr Mohammed Abdul Bari. The MCB is the UK equivalent of CAIR and is equally as poisonous an affair as its American counterpart. I found two articles today, the first from the Asian Age magasine commenting on the second, from the Daily Telegraph, bringing it’s coverage of Dr. Bari.

abdul-bari.jpgLondon, Nov. 10: Warning Britain to beware of becoming like Nazi Germany, Dr Mohammed Abdul Bari, the leader of the Muslim Council of Britain, has said in an interview that the UK must be careful how it tackles terrorism and treats Islamic culture. “Every society has to be really careful so that situation does not lead us to a time when people’s minds can be poisoned as they were in the 1930s. If your community is perceived in a very negative manner and poll after poll says that we are alienated then Muslims begin to feel very vulnerable. We are seen as creating problems, not as bringing anything, and that is not good for society,” he warned.

“Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” Does that ring a bell? So just what is the new stuff brought by the influx of muslims to the UK? Apart from the terrorist attacks and street violence that goes with the culture of jihad? If anybody knows, then drop me a line. And don’t give me the cheap labour line. I don’t believe it.

Dr Bari also criticised the government for fuelling tensions in the Muslim community in UK rather than dissipating them by “unfairly targeting” Muslims, and said that it was undermining their status as “equal citizens”. He warned that blaming extremism on “a small, largely deprived community” leads to a “deterioration of community cohesion and fuels xenophobia”.

Although I can’t see how that is being done. How does one “unfairly target” the very community that has produced a plethora of terrorists , terrorist aides and supporters and has over the last few years caused mayhem wherever it raised its ugly head? But notice the rhetoric. A “small and largely deprived community”. How are they largely deprived? And of what? The victim card couldn’t be better played anywhere, than it is here.

“There is a disproportionate amount of discussion surrounding us. The air is thick with suspicion. It is not good for the Muslim community, it is not good for society,” he told the Daily Telegraph. He also reiterated that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. “Terrorists are terrorists, they may use religion but we shouldn’t say Muslim terrorists, it stigmatises the whole community. We never called the IRA Catholic terrorists.”

Yes we did. Just as we called the UFF protestant terrorists. But there is a difference here. The IRA and the UFF were motivated by political ideals, not all encompassing religious ones. No such thing as islamic terrorism? Please. Islamic terrorism has been going on for decades.

Bari then went on to expound his reasons for the apparent alienation of the muslim community and how to end it;

“For if genuine change is to be achieved, the Government needs to address key domestic and foreign policy concerns. These include poverty and social exclusion, Islamaphobia and discrimination, and the misuse of counter-terrorism powers.”

Ah, the foreign policy thing. Change your foreign policy and we won’t bomb you at home. He didn’t actually say that, but we all get the idea. The dreaded islamophobia. Tut-tut. Not good for the muslims. It makes it harder for them to move around unobserved. The misuse of counter terrorism powers? Yes, I suppose stopping muslim youths with backpacks and the like is misusing the powers that are in place. Just ask the victims of the London bus bombings. I’m sure they will agree. At least, those that are still alive.
Poverty ends when you get a job. Social exclusion ends when you stop dressing up in funny hats, scarves, facial covering and tents. Don’t want to be in a minority? Then join the majority.

When tackled on integration, or the lack of it, the MCB chief said integration in to society should be a two-way process and that the emphasis should be on the positive aspects of Muslim culture instead of the threat of Al Qaeda.
I agree. Integration should be two way. But we all know that it isn’t. Muslim doctors refusing to treat kuffars, muslim dentists forcing women to wear headscarves before treating them, supermarket workers refusing to check alcohol through the tills, the hatred that gets preached in arabic in the mosques on a friday afternoon.
To compare the people of Great Britain to the nazis, is like calling the Saudis mormons. The true racism, the true nazism, comes from the islamic faith. It is inherent in the belief system that the muslim is superior to all infidels. Do not befriend the infidel. Übermensch and untermensch. How much more nazi-like can it get?

Asian Age
Daily Telegraph

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