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Sleepless in Malaysia

Posted by Exile on November 1, 2007

You have to read around a bit to find the things that are really interesting, absurd or amusing. I do. I go off to all the places where others sometimes fear to tread and follow the silliest links I can find. Here’s one I found, in The Times, no less, concerning the latest outpouring from Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat — a fundamentalist Muslim cleric who controls the main opposition party and one of the country’s 13 states in Malaysia. This is both absurd and, if it wasn’t seriously meant, also amusing.

Attacking the appeal of modern Malaysian women, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said that provocative clothes were a form of “emotional abuse”.
Women who wear figure-hugging clothes are giving Muslim men sleepless nights and distracting them from prayer.

Well, well. Emotional abuse, eh? Figure hugging clothes distracting the pious men from their prayers, what?
Actually it tends to focus mine like nothing else. “Dear God, gimme a piece of THAT!” Never mind what I think of when I couple the word “abuse” to the whole train of thought. However, I haven’t noticed any loss of sleep over this sort of thing. I don’t lie awake and ponder it to any greater or lesser degree.
But then again, due to my lack of any religious beliefs, I am not the most reverent kid on the block. I suppose it must be hard for old Nik, being a cleric and all that. Not to mention, a dirty old man and letcher.

Clothes that are modest by Western standards were, he said, stopping the country’s men getting a good night’s sleep. “We always hear about the abuse of children and wives in households, which is easily perceived by the eye but the emotional abuse of men cannot be seen,” Mr Nik Abdul Aziz said. “Our prayers become unfocused and our sleep is often disturbed.”

shetty1.jpgSleepless nights? Well, surely, that’s something that his great god allah must be able to sort out. Oh no, the unfocused prayer and all that.. I see.

I couldn’t resist the idea of giving him something to keep him up (no pun intended) for a week, so here is a picture for him to ponder. Will it bring a knee jerk reaction from him, or merely some other form of jerking? We’ll have to wait and see.

This man of god is also full of useful tips for the local ladies on how to behave if they would avoid unpleasantness regarding their virtue, not to mention their safety, on the streets. He obviously believes the women themselves are to blame for their being raped or molested.
I can clearly see, that this pious old man is suffering from sleep deprivation;

Previous advice from Mr Nik Abdul Aziz to Malaysia’s women included the suggestion that they would be at a lower risk of being raped if they abandoned their lipstick and perfume. Mr Nik Abdul Aziz posted a diagram of an appropriately dressed woman on his party’s website. The picture shows a woman in a baggy, floor-length dress with a scarf covering her hair.
As the minister of the northeastern state of Kelantan, Mr Nik Abdul Aziz has imposed fines on Muslim women who fail to wear headscarves, and imposed other draconian restrictions.

Of course, one could amend the current laws making it positively illegal to rape a woman and then try the rapist honestly and not require four male witnesses to say that she had been raped, before charging her with adultery, wrapping her in a sheet, burying her up to her waist in sand and stoning her to death, but that is not really on the books for our chum here. Him and allah. Frankly, it isn’t a question of what she is wearing. A rapist will rape, no matter what, and if the law is on his side, well, what’s to stop him? No need to lie awake all night and worry about that.

Sleep on that one Nik.

Link: The Times.


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