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Confidentially Speaking…

Posted by Exile on November 2, 2007

I am careful about what I say on the telephone. Some would mean that is tantamount to paranoia but I found something rather disturbing today in a sideline article in The Jyllands Posten which supports my view. It concerns the American TV actor, Duane Chapman, who was, until very recently, starring in a series about a bounty hunter, affectionately known as “Dog”. I have never seen the show, so, no comments. The show has been stopped. Not because of its content or ratings. No. It has been cancelled because Chapman told his son, Tucker, that he didn’t really approve of his son’s choice of girlfried. She is apparently black, and Chapman used the nigger word. OK, like it or not….
The thing is, that he used the word on the telephone, during a “private” call.

Someone has been intercepting and taping his calls. The National Enquirer has released the audio tape on it’s webside.

The TV company, A&E, says that it takes the matter seriously and has stopped the show because of the racist remarks.

Well, that is their prerogative. Ratings and all that jazz.

What got me thinking is, what on earth is the National Enquirer doing? Either hiring someone to tap peoples phones, or buying criminally obtained audio tapes of private telephone calls? How can that be legal or ethical? And if it is so damn easy to tap someones phone, then why not mine, or yours? Or indeed, all of us?
What possible reason could anyone have for tapping his phone in the first place? Some nosey fan? Or a stalker? I assume Chapman is not under federal investigation.

If nothing else, I think Chapman should drag the National Enquirer into the courts for this breach of his privacy. And if I lived in the US, then I would support him every inch of the way. It isn’t what you say on the phone that matters. It’s that you can say it in private. Whether racist, insulting, politically incorrect or whatever.

I believe the crime here is not Chapmans. The real criminal has probably made a lot of money, and this has to be exposed and corrected.

Only in America? The land of the free? I wonder.


One Response to “Confidentially Speaking…”

  1. JJ said

    Consent: In the absence of more restrictive state law, it is permissible to intercept and record a telephone conversation if one or both of the parties to the call consents. Consent means authorization by only one participant in the call; single-party consent is provided for by specific statutory exemption under federal law. 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2511(2)(d).

    It was Dogs son who recorded the call and sold it.

    Thanks JJ, however, my policy of being careful about what I say on the telephone is hardly lessened by this information. I would still go after National Enquirer, and then take a real hard chat with my offspring. The ethical thing to do, would be to inform the caller that the call is being taped before getting into the nitty gritty. Not liking your parents is one thing (?), but selling them to a public organ is as disgusting as it is malicious. I am sure the recording part is legal, but is the selling, or buying, of the recorded conversation equally legal?

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