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The al-Aqsa Vote Comes In…

Posted by Exile on November 4, 2007

Danish elections update.. from Palestine?

A palestinian terrorist organisation has shown a certain, shall we say, interest, in the Danish elections, due to be held on the 13th of this month. The interest concerns the use of a drawing of the prophet Mohammed which is included in part of the election campaign by the Danish Peoples Party, DF. (Danske Folkeparti). The slogan attached to the drawing states that; “Freedom of expression is Danish, censorship is not.”
The drawing has curried disfavour with the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. Someone from JyllandsPosten has a connection to these terrorist scumbags, though god only knows how or why, and has interviewed one of their spokesmen, a certain Mr. Khaled al-Jabbari.

danskfolkeparti_59024c.jpg“This party is dealing with the blood of the Danish people. It is dangerous.”, he says.

Asked if that statement was meant as a threat he says, “No. I am not threatening, I am warning. We do not wish to see the Danish people as an enemy but this could lead to actions”.
Which sounds like a threat to anyone with two cents worth of common sense and knows who the al-bloody-Aqsa people are. Al-Aqsa is well connected to Fatah. They are Islamic terrorists.
Al-Jabbari also said that he would be willing to “attack Danish institutions to defend the prophet”.
Oh yes, those aggressive, prophet-hating infidel Danish institutions. He probably means the embassies that are scattered around in the middle east. They are easily attacked and never protected by the local islamic police. We’re used to it. No biggie. “Defending the prophet” is the usual excuse for burning an embassy. Or anything else for that matter. It’s a time honoured islamic tradition. Like Mardi Gras, but more frequent. Nothing to do on a friday night in the middle east? No problem. Play “Defend the prophet”. Always good for a laugh and popular with the children. A fun game for your entire disfunctional inbred family. Even granny can play.

(Sorry, I just got caught up in the spirit of things… Carry on.)

Continuing his “warning” of the DF, he states the following:
“I have heard that the Danish Peoples Party is using drawings of Mohammed in its election campaign and I have a message for the Danish people, that this is like stabbing us in the heart. They (DF) must live on the moon to do something like this. This is highly insulting and not acceptable.”

(Stab, stab. Insult, insult.)

He then warns, that the DF is going on the al-Aqsa list of enemies. (Oooh. A list! Oooh!)

Obviously, the Danish politicians are having a jolly old time saying this is outrageous, it will have no affect on the campaign and so on. No one is taking this threat seriously, from the Prime Minister downward.

Pia Kjærsgaard, leader of the DF has this to say about the affair;
“This is ridiculous and we will never bow to a terrorist organisation. We didn’t produce this drawing, it is a 400 year old drawing of Mohammed, which we are using to symbolise the freedom of expression. But it would be typical for a terrorist organisation and others to grab on to this. We won’t be warned or threatened.”
She should have added “So screw you, al-Aqsa.”

Good for you Pia.
Anyone on the dreaded enemies of the al-Aqsa list is OK by me.

Now let’s discuss how much aid we are going to send to Palestine next year, shall we?


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