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Belgian Anarchy

Posted by Exile on November 7, 2007

Belgium set a new record today. The country has been without a national government for 177 days. A country without a government is basically an anarchy. I daresay that it is held together by countless civil servants who are, regardless of the political limbo, continuing to carry out the routine procedures that keep the country going. The whole misery is, that despite the last election results, the deep divisions in the Belgian political landscape has not produced a result that enables the forming of a viable government.

Something moved in Belgium today. The mainly Flemmish speaking Brussels suburb, Halle-Vilvorde, has changed its local election laws. My French, or Flemmish, is not good enough for me to be able to absolutely define what is going on, but it appears that the citizens of this suburb have now lost the ability to vote for candidates in the centre of Brussels. Which weakens the voting support for French speaking candidates there. The French speakers are livid. The Flemmish are elated.

Strangely, I can’t find anything on the Brussels Journal or Vlaams Belang websites.

Belgium has all the hallmarks of a society at odds with itself. Brussels is a French speaking enclave in an otherwise Flemmish dominated area of the country. The Flemmish want to be free of the French Walloons. The Walloons need the Flemmish taxes to support their flagging economy in the south of the country.

While not wishing harm on anyone, I can only hope that this continues. The sooner Belgium splits, the better. It is a multicultural experiment gone wrong and it is the model for the EU apparatus, which also needs to be destroyed. If this latest development in any way supports the cause of the Vlaams Belang, then I welcome it.

It’s high time we had a bit of devolution in the EU.

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